Age-Related Cognitive Decline- How Seniors Can Deal With It

Updated on December 1, 2020
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As you grow older, there are a host of medical conditions that you have to deal with. The health issues in seniors extend beyond the physical ones, with the age-related cognitive decline being an equally big concern. Thousands of seniors across the U.S. struggle with cognitive conditions like dementia and the growing numbers depict how serious the problem is. As studies prove that the brain shrinks with aging, there isn’t much you can do to steer clear of these conditions completely. But fortunately, there is a possibility of reducing the rate of memory decline. Here are some effective measures that seniors can rely on for curbing age-related cognitive decline.

Focus on the right diet

Foods high in vitamins and antioxidants can do wonders for the brain. Aging individuals need to go the extra mile for a balanced diet to stay physically active and mentally sharp. Eating more vitamins C, D, and E can help, while foods loaded with antioxidants are great for boosting memory. Dark-colored berries such as blueberries and red wine are known for their cognitive benefits. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid are also recommended for enhancing brain function in the elderly. 

Exercise regularly

Surprisingly, physical activity goes beyond making you fitter and healthier in the body. It can also go a long way in bringing memory improvement for aging individuals. Vigorous aerobic exercise boosts circulation, which improves blood flow in the brain as well. It also alleviates stress, a common culprit that leads to the death of brain cells over time. When you make exercise a part of your daily routine, the cognitive benefits will be visible in the long run.

Try medical marijuana

If you are looking for a natural aid to reduce cognitive decline, medical marijuana is a therapy you can trust. Animal studies indicate that long-term administration of low-dose THC has the potential to rejuvenate the aging brain. Thankfully, the legalization of the substance has made it easy to procure and use. Seniors residing in Michigan, for example, can easily pick medical marijuana lansing mi and get started with using this natural aid to stay mentally healthy. Marijuana also helps with other age-related health issues like chronic pain and insomnia. 

Get adequate sleep

Proper sleep is another factor that affects your mental health, all the more as you get older. Several studies show that the brain processes the daily events and even consolidates them in memory when you sleep. For this reason, seniors need to prioritize adequate sleep to keep their cognitive function on track. Here again, medical cannabis can serve as a healthier alternative to sleeping pills. 

Get better organized

Things get a lot easier when you are more organized and have everything in place because it puts less pressure on your memory. Practice good organization as a way of life and make conscious efforts to put things where they should be, whether it is your medicines, documents, car keys, glasses, or hat. Also, working up your brain with attention and concentration exercises will help you to keep it in good shape.

While age-related cognitive decline is a natural phenomenon, the right lifestyle can be effective for slowing it down. Seniors, therefore, should do everything possible to keep their mental health thriving. 


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