Age Gracefully: Naturally Detoxify Your Body From Drugs at Home

Updated on August 20, 2021

By Court Nichols

Natural drug detoxification aims mainly at removing toxins and contaminants caused by illicit drug use in the body. The detoxification process can achieve that. The liver stores all drugs as poisonous chemicals, which the body must destroy later. If such medicines are not removed, liver toxicity can occur. Fortunately, you can use natural methods to detoxify the medications.

Natural Detoxification 

Natural detox focuses on the elimination from the body of dangerous substances without the aid of drugs. Many people will feel this if they plan to detox at home. Alternative treatments such as massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies and yoga can also provide natural detox.

A variety of high vitamins and nutrients are required when preventing the use of medications as a natural form of pharmaceutical detox. A balanced diet helps you to get a lot of vitamins and minerals, and supplements such as Morning Complete and many similar help to top these up if necessary. 

Natural drug withdrawal is often performed to discourage a recovery clinic from taking place at home. Yet this option will lead to a higher chance of failure as you can recur quickly if a recovery team doesn’t support you. You can search for a good drug rehab center if you are looking for immediate help.

  • Do it fast. 

Moving on quickly speeds up detoxification. Through not consuming food, the body doesn’t need digestive energy. The body uses resources instead to cleanse and heal itself. A fast allows the body a brief time of rest. For most people, fasting for one or two days is healthy. Check with a doctor for longer fasts.

  • Lose it by exercise. 

Even if you don’t have too much weight, losing fat will help detoxify drugs. The fat cell contains most chemicals and toxins that reach the body. An individual also loses toxins by losing excess fat. Do aerobic exercise to remove the weight. Swimming, swimming, dancing and cycling are healthy workouts to lose calories and fat. 

An individual often builds up a sweat during a high-exercise. The sweat glands absorb toxins. Muscle building with weights or strength training usually burns fat. Over time, the fat deposits are replaced by the muscles. During every workout, breathing profoundly helps to remove harmful carbon dioxide from your lungs. More oxygen reaches the body when inhaled.

  • Get a healthy diet. 

Fruits and vegetables provide the body with the resources to rebuild itself and perform its many functions. Organic food is more costly, but healthier for the body because it contains fewer contaminants such as conservators and pesticides. Adding fibre to the diet also helps to transfer food and food into the stomach and out of the body.

  • Eat 2 ounces to 3 oz. of regular dried or fresh seaweed. 

The active ingredient of seaweed is sodium alginate, which binds to the medicine in your digestive system and prevents its absorption in your body.

  • Take a 500 mg dandelion floral tablet each day with food. 

The active ingredient in this genus is inulin, which increases bile output when the substance from the internal organs is being detoxified by the liver.

  • Drink a cup of ginger tea every day to detoxify the opioid body. 

Gingerol is ginger’s active ingredient. It induces sweat and extracts drug traces from the skin. Split one whole ginger into a mug and add boiling water. Add sweetheart to taste.

Medical Detoxification

In this situation, you should have recourse, if necessary, to medical treatment and assistance. Medically assisted detox can be performed in hospitals or outpatient facilities and is much better than trying to cure dependency.

Many say that medical detox is the same as replacing one medication with another. That’s not the same. A new disease is not developed if the right steps are taken, and the medications are administered correctly. It also allows the patient to control his appetite so that he can focus on cure.


To entirely rid your body of the drug, you must avoid engaging in the habit. It helps the body to start removing the toxins that it has stored for a long time. The faster you leave, the quicker you get better.

You have to take into account your substance abuse, addiction, financial support and recovery as a way of figuring out whether your body can be detoxified from drug use. For better help, you can seek advice from a trustworthy drug rehab center.

Contributor Section

Court Nichols is the program director for detox and addiction rehab treatment facilities. He helps others focus on a lifestyle of sober living with healthy diet and exercises and many other mental and physical health habits.


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