Accessories for the Classic Car Lover

Updated on November 4, 2021

If you’re a classic car lover, you may have a burning desire to share your passion with the world. That’s why accessories for classic car lovers are abundant and varied in the gifts and collectibles industry! From t-shirts and model engines to old gas station signs, you can easily find the accessory that appeals to you or your favorite classic car lover. Come along on a quick tour of four favorite accessory types.

1. Apparel

Whether you’re a fan of the Tamagawa Speedway, the Mulholland Raceway International or the Hurst Floor Shift, classic car t-shirts let you celebrate and promote your pet passion. Vintage and classic t-shirts are available in a variety of materials and fits, which make them ideal for your wardrobe or as a gift for a friend. If t-shirts aren’t your thing, share your love of classic cars with jackets, sweatshirts, hats, socks or gloves. Also, don’t forget to leave out the next generation! Children’s apparel is another great way to show brand loyalty. Choose from baby onesies and rompers and kids’ long- and short-sleeve t-shirts

2. Electronics

Looking for a Ford Retro Tabletop Neon Clock for your kitchen? How about a Crosley Bluetooth Full-Size Jukebox for your den or a Liberty Classics Chevrolet Parts Rotating Pub Light for the patio? Online and retail outlets stock these and many more electronics that bring functionality and joy to your home or workspace. Pump some fun and flair into your living room, den or office with an electronic device that enhances your everyday spaces. For example, neon lights are an easy way to bring nightlife ambiance in your basement bar or game room!

3. Models

For the classic car enthusiast, there’s nothing like scale model engines and kits to stir not only memories but also pride in your favorite manufacturer’s engineering ingenuity. If you lack the budget to buy or restore the classic car of your dreams, go for the scale model or kit instead. Whether you choose the Liberty Classics Chevy Street Rod “Small Block” Model Engine or the Porsche Flat-Six 1:4 Scale Model Engine Kit PE12, give it pride of place on your desk or mantlepiece.

4. Signage

From old gas station signs to metal, wood, neon and lighted varieties, there’s nothing like a sign to evoke and take you back to the time when classic cars were new! Consider installing a vintage sign in your garage, workspace, den or family room to bring delight to the whole family. You can now even make your own neon sign online, which adds a personal touch to your decor, in whatever design you like! Better yet, gift Aunt Nancy a Polly Gasoline metal sign for her garage or surprise Uncle Jim with a Ford Oval neon sign for his workshop. When you match up your favorite classic car lover with their beloved brand, you can’t go wrong!

If this quick tour of favorite accessory types has got you thinking about gifts for yourself and others, browse classic car and car accessories retailers’ websites and stores for more ideas. From kitchenware and camping gear to auto accessories, you can find the creative and practical items to suit most anyone.


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