A Vacation for All Ages: Multigenerational Holiday Tips

Updated on October 23, 2017

Do you envision a fun family vacation in your near future? Good for you. Now, the thing is to plan a wonderful trip that appeals to all generations. If you strategize it right, you can pull together a travel itinerary that works for every member of your extended family.

Brainstorm and discuss

Before you start buying tickets and reserving hotel rooms, get the family together to talk about what each member wants. When you involve kids, parents, and grandparents in vacation planning, everyone wins. A well-conceived family vacation provides interests and activities that appeal to every family traveler. Talk about places you’d like to see and things you’d like to do, and what you’d like to eat on your trip. The more each family member contributes to the itinerary, the likelier the whole family will enjoy your multi-generational getaway, advise family travel experts at Family Vacation Network magazine.

Start planning well in advance

When a multigenerational family plans a vacation, there are many, many things to decide. Dates, locations, and means of travel are only some of the things to consider as you construct an itinerary that pleases every person in the family. Establish a budget and stick as closely to it as you can.

Decide where you will stay and whether you will lodge together or check into separate rooms. Some multi-generational families opt to rent a furnished house for the duration of their vacation. This can be a great choice that provides plenty of benefits, such as a kitchen in which to prepare meals and a homey atmosphere where all generations can get to know each other better. Other families do better when they reserve several adjacent rooms at a comfortable hotel like Old Town Scottsdale Marriott Suites, says MiniTime travel magazine.

Keep teens connected and enthused

Ask any parent of a teenager, and they are bound to tell you that while they love their kids tremendously, adolescents can be more than a little bit contrary especially when it comes to doing things as a family. Let teenagers participate in the planning by doing research into vacation venues. Once you establish a vacation destination, teens can be a great help when it comes to finding activities in the area. Give a teenager an assignment helps them feel in control of their lives and gives them a reason to let their most responsible self-shine.

Be flexible when it comes to traveling with teens in tow. Allow them plenty of downtime and don’t force them to participate in every family activity on your itinerary. Let them sleep in as late as they like on some days, and encourage them to befriend local peers.

Can travel with a multigenerational family work out well? Of course, it can, especially when you take the time to consider every family member’s tastes and personal preferences. Start putting together plans well in advance. Most importantly, remember to relax and have a wonderful time with your extended family.


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