A Look At Fun Online For Seniors

Updated on October 19, 2020

It’s time to sit down and get to know technology. Once you learn how to use your computer to your advantage, surfing the net can be entertaining and even educational – providing hours of fun with a safe place to express your passion for cooking or creating and, of course, staying connected all at the click of a button.

Many senior citizens find themselves at home with not much to do and few ways to safely contact and connect with those closest to them. Studies say this can lead to boredom, depression, and a lack of brain stimulation. 

To prevent all those things, you can turn to technology. Follow these guidelines and find inspiration in these ideas (as Bonus.net.nz Is explaining in its article). Who knows? In a few months, you might be trending!

Safe Software

Avoiding the darker side of the internet can be tricky. There are scammers on the web that will try to take advantage of someone unsure of technology and the internet. There are a few rules to follow that will help to stay safe.

Never reveal your personal information, don’t click on pop-up advertisements, and avoid using identifiable usernames and passwords. Follow the rule, and if it looks too good to be true, it’s usually too good to be true – avoid it like the plague.

Oscar Senior is an app designed for seniors. This easily downloadable tablet application provides you with a more straightforward, easy-to-use interface for your devices and eliminates all pop-up advertisements. 

Recommended by Saga, Oscar Senior is in a large font that will make it easy to read and understand. You can also give access to a trusted loved one through the connectivity feature that will allow them to help you from their mobile device. Software designed for seniors!

Now you have mastered the technology, let’s look at the fun things you can do with it.

Brain Games

If you enjoy sudoku or love a good game of scrabble with the family, the endless list of brain games are great fun, and easily accessed, and you can play through your mobile device. With minimal costs but maximum fun, online gaming is one of the advantages of getting to know your technology. 

Challenge your grandchildren to a game of scrabble from your Apple or Android device or create your own jigsaw puzzle for the family to try to figure out. An instant and easy way to stay in touch with the whole family and have some fun from the safety of your own home.

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Try Blogging

Blogging is not only for the kids! Blogging can be a fun way to connect with people from all over the world and share your passion with others. Whether it’s baking that you love or merely creating and fixing things around the house that will make your life a little easier, there is a space in a community out there waiting for you. 

Connect with like-minded people through applications or websites such as Facebook or Instagram. Platforms like these are simple and easy to use and can create some lovely and lighthearted fun for you whilst you’re at home. 

Have fun photographing your vegetable patch, latest bake or even sewing project and share it with those who will encourage and compliment your handy work – a lovely positive space for everyone.

Become a YouTuber

If you think YouTube is only for young people, you are wrong.YouTube is the perfect space for sharing and discovering new tricks and hobbies. With a video tutorial for almost everything, you can find new stitching patterns, recipes and practical advice on whatever you need. 

Send funny videos with the family by simply clicking on the share button and emailing or messaging them with the link. Doing this will give you something to laugh about next time you call the grandkids.

Sign up and subscribe to channels that tickle your fancy and join groups that share the same interests as yourself. There are book clubs, choir and singing groups and comedy circles that you can watch and participate in – another brilliant way to connect with others and make some new friends. 

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Become a Mentor

Age is no barrier to the internet; if you want to continue to work or volunteer, LinkedIn is a great place to find a job or offer your services. Consider becoming a mentor; lots of organisations are looking for seniors with experiences they can pass on to the younger generations.

With retirements looking like a thing of the past, it’s worth considering re-training and using your skills to help others. All the suggestions above prove there’s no need to be afraid of technology, and, by embracing it, you will benefit from the useful and practical services that the internet has to offer. 

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