A Comprehensive Guide on How to Prevent ED

Updated on March 30, 2020


As many as 52% of the men in the United States experience erectile dysfunction. Out of these numbers, about 40% are men below the age of 40 years. However, due to the stigma associated with ED, there could be many other individuals hiding in the closet.

Are you struggling to rise to the occasion lately? Age, lifestyle, and illness could all be possible reasons for your predicament. The bad news is that ED can cause depression and low self-esteem in men. Nevertheless, the good news is that you can learn how to prevent ED and enjoy your sex life without worrying about those embarrassing moments. 

Read on to learn how to prevent ED. 

What Is ED? 

Erectile dysfunction refers to the medical condition where men fail to keep an erection firm enough to engage in sexual intercourse. ED may be an indication of a physical or physiological condition, which may escalate more during instances of stress or illness. For most men, ED is self-diagnosable, but it may last years or a lifetime if not professionally managed. 

There are known reasons that may lead to erectile dysfunction. Age is among the most predominant factor in most men who struggle with ED. However, lifestyle also stands out as a critical leading cause of erectile dysfunctions among younger men. 

In other unique circumstances. ED may be caused by undying physical conditions such as increased blood pressure or high insulin levels. People with various pulmonary conditions may also be at a higher risk of erectile dysfunctions. 

How to Prevent ED

What you may not know is that you can prevent most causes of ED. Whether you currently struggle with ED or are hoping to dodge the embarrassment of impotence, you can utilize these tips on how to prevent ED. 

Eat Right 

You are what you eat. This statement may seem pretty simple, but it carries significant importance. Most of the modern dietary regimes fall short of what your body needs to sustain vitality. If you’re wondering how to prevent erectile dysfunction, then you should start from the kitchen.

Fast foods are enticing, but they could be the reason you’re not rising to the occasion when needed. For you to decrease the likelihood of erectile dysfunctions, it would help to consider adopting healthy eating habits. Fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are a perfect option for you if you hope to be on your A-game.

You may also need to consider going slow on red meat. For anyone keen on improving their sexual health, white meat would be an invaluable incorporation to your diet. Once you get your food regime right, you can be sure of the gradual renewal of your self-confidence in bed.

Exercise More 

Sedentary lives have increased by 83% since the year 1950.  More Americans spend considerable time desk-bound currently, which increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, with fast-paced lives, finding the time to hit the gym or to run is almost an impossibility today.

When was the last time you took the time to invest in physical activity? Well, exercise enhances a steady flow of blood in the body, including the penis. 

Maintaining an active lifestyle is imperative for any man. A petite body equals a satisfying sex life.

Quit Smoking

If you’re a chain smoker, it’s also likely that you’ll struggle to sustain your erectile function. Smoking is associated with heart and blood vessel conditions that eventually lead to ED.  Once you quit smoking, your health finally takes a definite curve, which reduces various underlying health risks. 

Most smokers also struggle with other related pulmonary conditions, which may have affected the blood flow. If you want to improve your sexual performance and be on the path to a better bedroom experience, you need to quit smoking as a matter of urgency. 

Moderate Your Alcohol Intake

Sex and alcohol may not be a great mix, after all. While it would be extreme to overrule social drinking, it’s critical also to underscore the effect of alcohol on your libido. Excessive alcohol consumption may soften your erection. You may also find it hard to manage an orgasm when your alcohol intake is over the roof.

The best solution to your ED would be to focus on moderation. You need to assess your lifestyle vis-à-vis your drinking pattern. If too much alcohol intake is causing ED, it would be wise to reduce the drinking patterns and ensure moderation.

Weight Is a Factor

Obesity is responsible for more than 8 million cases of ED in the United States. Excessive body weight is now among the independent risk factors for ED. If you want to prevent the risk of ED, it would be helpful to work on your weight. 

Size matters when it comes to your performance in bed. Only in this case, “size” refers to your body weight. The risk of erectile dysfunction in men increases with an increase in your BMI.

If you care about your partner and their sexual satisfaction, then you need to keep your weight in check. This is an essential step towards keeping your relationship warm.

Walk More 

How about replacing that drive to the grocery store with a walk? Most people have an underlying lethargy when it comes to training or exercising. But an active lifestyle does not have to include intense exercising.  A simple thirty-minute walk can be all it takes to change your life forever.

If you’re wondering how to prevent ED, you could begin by taking more frequent walks. Consider strolling your way to any destination within a manageable distance. Walking around a park with your dog or your spouse can be the first step towards a healthy sex life. 

Consider Supplements 

If you’re unable to utilize the above mentioned preventive measures for one reason or another, don’t flinch. You can always consider going the supplement way. Most men who struggle with erectile dysfunction have lower levels of Zinc, potassium, and phosphorus.

The only way to get your act together and prevent erectile dysfunction would be to replenish your body with abundant minerals. Alpha male plus is your solution in this case. Supplements such as Alpha Male Plus have all the natural ingredients your body needs to keep your erection spot on.    

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be an Embarrassing Condition, but Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Nothing is more frustrating than the inability to match up as a man. While erectile dysfunction is not an expected condition, it is preventable.  Most of the cases of ED in men are due to lifestyle-related behaviors, which you can purpose to change. 

Prevention is better than cure. Do not be part of the growing ED statistics. With this guide, you’ll know how to prevent ED and live a healthy lifestyle. 

You can take preventive measures today and retain your pride as a man. Investing in supplements can be the best place to start.

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