95% of Seniors Would Use Technology to Monitor Health if Doctor-Recommended

Updated on March 14, 2022

iTOK Releases Findings from Heart Health Technology Survey

iTOK, a US-based technology advisory company that helps older adults get the most from their computers and devices, has announced the results of its Healthy Heart Survey, a survey which asked aging adults about their technology usage in regards to monitoring heart health. The results come right in time to celebrate American Heart Month, an annual reminder of the importance of heart health.

iTOK surveyed more than 130 participants from its member base, primarily aged 55 and older, between January 30 and February 5, 2015. Answers revealed the heart health conditions of respondents, how seniors currently are using technology to manage their heart health, and whether or not they would use technology if recommended by doctors or insurance plans. Some key findings include:

  • 30% currently use technology to monitor their heart health.
  • 95% would use technology to manage heart health if recommend by doctors.
  • 91% would use technology to manage heart health if it lowered insurance costs.
  • Most common technology currently used is a heart rate monitor / Pacemaker (28%).

“Despite the common perception that aging adults have a skeptical attitude towards technology, the survey results show them to be extremely responsive to engaging with it,” said Seth Bailey, CEO of iTOK. “We’ve seen a plethora of new health-related technologies and devices enter the market within the last year, and that will continue to increase as Baby Boomers grow older. These results should be encouraging to medical professionals and healthcare technology companies as they develop new products targeted to our aging population.”

More information about the survey can be found at iTOK’s blog: http://itok.net/itok-infographic-using-technology-stay-heart-healthy.

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1 thought on “95% of Seniors Would Use Technology to Monitor Health if Doctor-Recommended”

  1. I think the common misconception about seniors and technology comes from a generation past – who remain skeptical of technology like cell phones. Baby boomers on the other hand, were often still in their prime as computers emerged the dominant life form on the planet – and their problem isn’t so much fear of it, as failing to understand how it works. “I’ve got this phone and it’s supposed to track my heart rate – but I can’t figure out how to work the app.” for example.

    I can’t blame them for this. I was the tech genius everyone in my life came to, as a teenager – but now in my 30’s, i have my own problems getting around in the digital world. As technology has evolved away from the core principles of what makes it work and settled into the core principles of what users expect intuitively… it’s left tech savvy types like me far behind. To say nothing of my parents – who almost seem to understand it better than I do, but often share the same frustrations.

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