8 Benefits of CBD for Senior Citizens

Updated on October 22, 2019

One of the challenges of senior citizens is poor health. No matter how strong or agile you once were, as your age starts increasing, many systems on the body weaken. This is why many people are afraid of old age. Well, if you’re a senior or you are taking care of an elder, maybe your parents, or relatives, there is good news here for you. Perhaps you’ve heard about the health benefits of marijuana but doesn’t know how it affects you. Well, it’s time to join the millions of people who’re enjoying these benefits through Cannabidiol. Yes, high quality Fab CBD products have some health benefits for seniors too.

This non-psychoactive part of marijuana can cure many health conditions without intoxicating the user. There are many forms which are suitable for you or ageing parents, uncles or even friends. You can find CBD as a topical cream, oil vapour, edibles or ingestible tinctures. All these forms of CDB can change the lives of a senior citizen. Gone were the days when people abhorred marijuana because some were abusing it. Nowadays, the oil extract from the plant is changing lives and very important for our ageing population. Check out some of the benefits of Cannabidiol for the seniors.

1.    Pain relieving benefits

One of the main benefits of CBD is pain relief. The main people who suffer pains, almost incessantly are the seniors. Sometimes, old age brings nerve pains, arthritis and joint pains. Some studies have already shown marijuana as a better pain relieving option to prescription medication. Therefore, get the hand-made boutique-style CBD creams and get rid of that joint and muscle pain slowing down your movement. 

2.    Healthy Bones

We all know that ageing brings many bone health challenges. As one gets older, the bones become fragile and weaker. Sometimes, if an elder suffers bone fractures, it doesn’t heal as fast as it should because of this weakness. The good news is that cannabis can handle these issues and support the bones to be healthier. Also, if a senior suffers from fractures in the bone, you can be sure that this extract can facilitate the healing process. Moreover, CBD helps to cure patients battling with multiple sclerosis because it has anti-inflammatory properties. 

3.    Soothing effects

Senior citizens can enjoy the soothing effects of CBD. It brings calm to the body and keeps the mind and body relaxed. Also, this product fights inertial and increases the energy levels of our ageing parents. With its capacity for cell strengthening, CBD helps the dying cells to regenerate at old age. Another advantage here is that this extract fights free radicals with its antioxidant properties. 

4.    Combating Glaucoma

Did you know that using CBD can reduce intraocular pressure to 25 per cent? Glaucoma causes IoP, which is a situation where a human feels excessive pressure in his/her eyes. This pressure impairs the sight of such individual as we see in the senior citizens. IoP arises when the neurons that facilitate communication between our brain and our body break down. So, if you use cannabinoids, you stand a better chance of reducing the effect of glaucoma. 

5.    Fighting sleep disorders and Insomnia

If you’re still young or has young parents, you may not understand how difficult it is for seniors to sleep. Once our ages climb, sleeping becomes an issue. Even if you sleep sometimes, that deep sleep you desire may not happen as often as you wish. Let’s be sincere; good sleep is vital to the overall health of the senior citizens. During the period of a deep sleep, the brain regenerates and rid itself of toxic substances which the body produced. So, if you want to prevent glaucoma, Alzheimer or other age-related neurodegenerative conditions, start using CBD. It can improve the quality of your sleep from the lighter phases to the deeper sleeping phases. 

6.    Appetite Stimulation

Do you force yourself to eat or are always quarrelling with your ageing relative for not eating? It’s time to solve it with CBD. Ageing leads to loss of appetite. This is a common fact that as we get older, our need and desire for food reduces. Even though this is true, our senior citizens need to eat so that they can prevent mental challenges, weight loss or tissue weakness. So, use CBD to stimulate your appetite or help your parents. 

7.    Combating Addiction

Relying heavily on prescription drugs every day can lead to addiction. Another danger is that these drugs can damage the organs, tissues in the body and finally lead to death. So, instead of using these life-threatening drugs regularly, introduce CBD to your regimen and be safe than sorry. The truth is that there hasn’t been a record of overdose or death in using cannabidiol. 

8.    Prevent mood challenges

Once we start getting older, the level of mood swings increases as situations and events take us unawares. If our seniors don’t combat these mood challenges, they may lead to more dangerous outcomes. Therefore, the next option is to use CBD since studies have shown that it can improve the mood of the user 


Many people often frown at the sound of marijuana. Therefore, if you are someone like that, we’ll love to tell you that it has great benefits for the elderly population. Moreover, they can utilize this plant in the form of CBD and combat many challenges. 


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