7 Tips To Conquer Your 40’s

Updated on October 10, 2022

Why do they say life starts at 40? Sis it the aches and pains that remind you that age is catching up with you? Or maybe it’s because your kids are pre-teens, and you realize you’re growing old as they approach their prime years. Whatever notion you have about the 4th or 5th floor, this read will help you make the most of your life.

You need to think about your retirement and start planning for it. You can choose a proper senior home care may be a great idea, or renovating your home to accommodate your needs. The fire-tested tips in this read can help you live longer, stronger and healthier. 

Mind your diet

Your health is a reflection of what you eat and drink. As you age, you lose the essential minerals in your body and need to replenish them by eating right. Decide to make little changes in your diet to lower the risk of age-related diseases.

Always eat a healthy balanced diet but reduce carbohydrates and increase vitamins from green leafy vegetables. Plant protein is a suitable alternative to animal protein. Fresh, frozen, or canned fruits and vegetables provide the necessary vitamins. 

Insist on eating whole grain to maximize the cereals on your plate. It is also wise to take yoghurt or cheese to get the right healthy fats. And while preparing your food, insists on using oil instead of solid fat. And maintain a little salt in your food to minimize blood pressure occurrences.

Hydrate sufficiently

Water is life. Your body needs a lot of water to maintain active metabolism. Make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of pure water daily. While many find this a challenging habit to embrace, many others succeed because of realizing the significance of water. Use these tips to help you hydrate sufficiently:

  • Take a glass or two every morning before your breakfast, or soon you wake up
  • Purchase an attractive, transparent water bottle and carry it throughout the day
  • A water dispenser helps to replenish your portable water bottle; therefore, keep one in your office
  • Squeeze a lemon in your water to improve the taste; you can also add mint or your favourite herb

How much water you drink may also be determined by your:

  • physical activity levels
  • thirst levels
  • age
  • gender
  • the frequency at which you sweat, urinate, and move bowels

Embrace exercise

Exercise is a mood booster, especially when life, work, school, and family overwhelm you. Physical exercise is one of the best ways to help your body cope with performance demands. Check your daily routine and pick a specific time to do a morning jog or aerobics. You can enroll in aerobic classes or a gym to help you interact with other people with similar health goals.

You can have a specific time for aerobics and muscle-building vigorous exercise in a week. Exciting aerobic exercises include dancing, swimming, walking, and cycling. Combining these activities helps your bones and muscles to coordinate and balance better as you age.

Mind your mental health

Mid-life comes with a lot of pressure. To make everything work, you can easily ignore your mental health. A little pressure from the workplace can break making several other things. You can do the following to help you maintain your mind healthy;

  • Keep an accountability partner so they can check on you from time to time. Spend time with friends who bring the best in you and make you laugh. 
  • Accept your age and learn to live creatively to keep up with life. 
  • Engage in activities that make you happy. For instance, pursue a hobby, volunteer, or connect more with nature.

Stay active

Living a sedentary lifestyle beckons high blood pressure and heart diseases and increases the occurrence of chronic diseases. You can decide to take the stairs instead of using the elevator. The movement will help your back and joint pains feel better, and skip a visit to the chiropractor. 

If you’re used to driving 24/7, decide to leave your car behind over the weekend so you can walk or cycle. Remember to take advantage of the slightest opportunity to do physical activities and refuse to take the easy way out.

Rest, rest, rest

 Rest is as significant as diet, exercise, and work. The number of hours you need to sleep to rest depends on your age. Good sleep is critical for your health because the body rejuvenates in your sleep. Sufficient sleep is said to:

  • Reduce depression, stress, and mental fatigue
  • Lower the risk of stroke, heart complications, and obesity
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve concentration, focus, and moods

Sleep on a firm bed and mattress to promote good posture for your back. A silk pillowcase is also good for your face because it decreases the rate of developing folds and creases. 

Visit the doctor regularly

Visit your doctor more regularly than in the past life. Your immunity is likely to be compromised as you age. However, visiting your doctor helps to detect the onset of health challenges. Therefore, it becomes easier to manage and treat diseases in their early stages than when the illness is mature.

How often you see your physician depends on your past health condition, family history, lifestyle, and existing conditions. Further, you can request cancer screening to help you start treatment early. Remember to visit the dentist and ophthalmologist. Your teeth and eyes receive the most pressure from age-related deficiencies. Avoid taking over-the-counter medication and visit the doctor for proper diagnosis. 


Aging is a reason of time. Eat a healthy diet, and hydrate sufficiently. Stay away from a sedentary life, exercise regularly and maintain a positive attitude about your age. Remember, aging is the best option than the alternative. And while you’re around, make the best of your days by adopting a sustaining lifestyle. You can decide to age gracefully by adopting the tips discussed here. Enjoy your life today.

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