7 Senior Wellness Tips to Follow

Updated on March 5, 2022

There are 47 million senior citizens currently living in the United States – and that number is predicted to double in the near future.

This is a clear sign that seniors are living longer, fuller lives than ever before. 

While advancements in healthcare and technology likely play a role, seniors are also practicing self-care in growing numbers.

Are you looking to improve and lengthen your life?

Here we’ll share 10 senior wellness tips that’ll leave you feeling younger, more energized, and ready to enjoy every minute of the next several decades!

1. Stay Physically Active

Getting plenty of physical activity is important for people of all ages – from small children and teens right up to adults and, yes, seniors!

The biggest issue for many elderly people is that moving around and exercising becomes difficult as they age. Ailments like arthritis, diabetes, and respiratory complications can make exercise difficult.

But staying physically active as a senior citizen doesn’t mean hitting the gym every day. Making simple changes to your daily routine will help you remain physically active and fit.

Try taking walks around your neighborhood or local part several times a week. You don’t need to overexert yourself. A casual, brisk walk is sufficient.

See what activities are offered in your community. Water aerobics, golf, tennis, and yoga are all extremely beneficial, low-impact exercise options. 

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Gardening and yard work count too! Don’t limit yourself – anything that gets you up, moving, and your blood pumping will benefit you as you age.

Everyone’s exercise routine will look different. Find the one that fits your needs, compliments your personality, and challenges you.

2. Eat Smart

Nothing pairs better with physical activity than a healthy diet. It’s important for seniors to maintain this balance.

Base your diet on your current medical condition and needs. If you have underlying issues like high cholesterol or diabetes, your doctor may suggest a specific diet to follow.

Be mindful of portion size and what times of day you’re eating. Small meals spread out throughout the day are best for maintaining a healthy metabolism and boosting energy.

If you choose a vegetarian or vegan diet, be sure you’re getting enough protein. This is important for fostering muscle growth and strength.

Purge your cabinets of foods containing preservatives and chemicals and adopt a more natural meal plan.

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3. Practice Preventative Care

Early detection is a major part of preventing and treating major health issues, including cancer.

As you age, your doctor will recommend specific screenings and tests to help monitor your overall health. Stay up-to-date on all necessary health check-ups.

Your doctor will screen for certain kinds of cancer, heart conditions, and cholesterol levels among other things. 

It’s also recommended all seniors get vaccinations including influenza and pneumonia.

It’s much more difficult for you to fight off a serious disease or illness as you age. by practicing preventative care, you can identify any problems before they become life-threatening. 

4. Catch Plenty of Zs

Sleep is one of the most important (and underrated) to promote good health.

During sleep, your body and mind restore and rejuvenate themselves. As a senior, memory loss and dementia are all too common. Getting plenty of rest can actually improve your memory and strengthen cognitive function. 

If you’re struggling to sleep, make adjustments to your environment. Create a calming bedroom with room darkening shades or use a sound machine.

Avoid too much stimulation before bed including watching television or using your cellphone or tablet. The blue light emitted from these devices will keep sleep at bay.

Other natural remedies include drinking a soothing cup of chamomile tea or taking melatonin for short-term relief.

5. Make New Friends

All too often senior citizens tend to shy away from social situations. Whether it’s because of an illness making travel difficult or simply lack of interest, isolating yourself from the outside world can have dangerous side effects. 

Without social interaction, you become emotionally and mentally withdrawn. This can lead to depression and even suicidal thoughts. If you’re feeling lonely, make an effort to get involved in your community.

Find local places accepting volunteers or community centers with scheduled activities nearby. Make friends with your neighbors and stay connected to friends and family.

Staying socially active as a senior citizen helps give your life purpose and meaning.

6. Keep Your Mind Sharp

Just as physical activity helps keep your muscles strong, mental stimulation is needed to keep your mind sharp. After all, your brain is a muscle that needs working too!

The good news is, this can be done in many ways. Do you enjoy completing puzzles, word games, or other brain teasers? These activities are perfect for improving cognitive function and keeping your mind active.

Reading and card games are also great ways to learn and challenge your brain. The best part is, these activities can double as social opportunities as well.

Try joining a book club to discuss what you’ve read or start a bridge club with friends!

7. Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Your oral hygiene is just as important as your physical and mental health.

What most people don’t realize is that oral conditions and complications directly affect your physical health. That means you should go for routine cleanings and dental exams annually.

This falls under the category of preventative healthcare. Seeing your dentist regularly means they can identify a problem before it gets worse.

Things like gum disease, mouth sores, and tooth decay could be the early warning signs of more serious health conditions including Alzheimer’s and heart disease. 

Use These Senior Wellness Tips to Live Your Best Life

Entering the later years of life can be a scary transition – but it doesn’t have to be. By using some of these senior wellness tips, you’ll feel stronger, healthier, and more alive than ever!

Want more tips on living your best life? Check our blog regularly for advice on home, health, and what’s trending.

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