6 Useful Health Benefits of Royal Jelly

Updated on March 26, 2023

Royal Jelly is a highly nutritious creamy white substance that female nurse bees produce to feed the queen. This substance is full of proteins that prove useful for cell growth and reproduction. Recent scientific investigations have uncovered a lot of royal jelly benefits, which include skin nourishment and immune system boosting among others.

Royal jelly has antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which are responsible for numerous health claims about the substance. You may consume this substance orally or apply it directly to the skin to reap its plenty of health benefits. The following are 6 useful health benefits of royal jelly.  

1. Blood Pressure Regulation

Research has shown that royal jelly contains some proteins that regulate the levels of blood pressure in humans. The protein hydrolysate found in royal jelly has a long-term effect on blood pressure. It also contains potassium, which serves as a vasodilator to minimize stress on the heart and blood vessels, thus preventing heart-related ailments.

2. Reduces Inflammation

Royal jelly is packed with impressive vitamins and active enzymes, which make it a great anti-inflammatory agent. Nevertheless, these enzymatic properties are easily thwarted by excessive heat, so you cannot ingest royal jelly for these benefits. All you need to do is topically apply the substance to the affected areas of the body to reduce the inflammation.

3. Anti-aging Properties

The force behind a smooth, wrinkle-free skin is something called collagen. Royal jelly contains several nutrients that enhance the production of collagen fibers for maintaining supple and soft skin. Additionally, royal jelly has certain antioxidants that promote a continuous skin renewal to keep the skin healthy and radiant.

4. Balances Cholesterol Levels

Unhealthy cholesterol levels are often touted as the result of sweet, delicious food. However, this case does not apply to royal jelly.

Research has revealed that including royal jelly in your diet consistently can cause a significant drop in your “bad” cholesterol levels. And, a notable drop in your bad cholesterol levels can prevent arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular-related issues like stroke and heart attacks.

5. Weight Loss

One of the components found in royal jelly is lecithin. This component proves effective when it comes to lowering cholesterol, promoting healthy digestion, and improving liver function.

These things actually help with weight loss. Furthermore, royal jelly acts as a nutrient supplement for improved digestion. For that reason, it does work as a weight loss booster.

6. Boosts Metabolism

Royal jelly boasts all of the 8 essential amino acids that humans have no capacity to produce on their own. These necessary amino acids are not easy to acquire, yet prove useful when it comes to forging new proteins as well as keeping metabolism running smoothly.

Royal jelly is an important food source that can boost cellular regeneration, increase bone strength, and improve muscle growth and development. It is also useful in optimizing enzymatic/hormonal processes in our body, consequently resulting in a healthy boost to our lifestyle.

Caution: Bee pollen, honey, and royal jelly can cause allergic reactions to some people. The allergic reaction is sometimes so severe that it causes rapid anaphylaxis. So, consult your doctor or allergist before using royal jelly.


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