6 Steps for Taking Better Care of Your Health as You Get Older

Updated on January 17, 2022

It’s crucial at any stage of your life to take good care of yourself, but even more so as you get older. You could well have been looking after yourself and taking health advice from health guides, such as Rolling Paper, for most of your life, but your senior years is where it matters more than ever. Here are 6 steps to make sure you stay in good health in your later years.

1. Have Regular Massages

Professional massages aren’t just a luxury which you attain through spa treatments or as a special treat. They’re also paramount to good health, especially as you get older and your body changes. Specific massages, such as deep tissue massage, can actually help with chronic pain issues such as arthritis, and the many massage options available mean that treatment can be tailored for you and your body’s needs. Not only that, but regular massages encourage reduced stress and more positive mental health. Breathe London offers a range of massage services.

2. Stay Social

It’s important to stay in touch with friends and family as you get older. Especially during an age where your children may have grown up and moved out, or perhaps you are close to an age where you would like to go into a residential community, staying social is important to your mental wellbeing. Encourage interaction wherever you can and always be open to new ways to socialize.

3. Keep Your Mind Active

Your brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised just like the rest of your body. Keeping your mind active not only encourages healthy brain function as you age, but it also promotes more positive thinking – as well as giving you the opportunity for interesting hobbies and pastimes. You should consider mind games such as Scrabble or Chess, or else keep yourself busy with a book or try puzzles.

4. Stay on Top of Regular Check-Ups

It’s easy to skip a dental or doctor’s exam when you’re young, but it’s important as you age to keep track of them. Your physical and dental health changes significantly as you age, and there may be changes that only a medical professional will be able to notice. Ensure you make regular checkup appointments when required, and always seek advice for any changes or issues. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to your health, and it is certainly something that you shouldn’t save on. If you’re looking for a reliable dentist for your regular check-ups, this dentist in Thousand oaks comes highly recommended.

5. Eat A Well-Balanced Diet 

It’s important to tailor a diet which works for you as you get older. Your diet needs to take into consideration health advice your doctor may have given you or needs to ensure you are getting enough of all relevant ingredients, such as fiber, fruit, and vegetables. Low-cholesterol foods are even more important as you get older.

6. Stay on Top of Any Medication

It’s important to take all prescribed medication as instructed, where applicable. If you are having trouble managing your medication yourself, or tend to be forgetful, seek the help of your doctor or loved ones to help you manage your routine. Or, consider setting reminders for yourself at the times necessary to take your medication. Also ensure that you store all medication in an easily-accessible place so you know that you can always comfortably reach it.


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