6 Clever Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

Updated on April 20, 2021

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Owning a home can be expensive. There are small repairs, larger maintenance projects, mortgages, property taxes, water bills, and energy costs, all of which can rack up massive costs at the end of every month. If you are looking for ways to reduce your monthly bills, you should probably start by looking at your water use. While your water bill may not be the most expensive utility, it is the easiest to cut back. If you are not smart about your water usage, you could be paying for water usage that you don’t need. This article outlines a few clever ways to reduce your water bill. 

Install a home water filtration system

Over the past decade or so, the consumption of bottled water has grown significantly because it tastes better and is safer than tap water. In the United States, every person drinks approximately 114 liters of bottled water every year. Buying bottled water for home use can be quite expensive, but you can save this money by installing a water filtration system from Water Doctor of Washington. Whole-house water filters ensure the water delivered in your home is pure and appropriate for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. 

Replace those guzzlers

Getting more efficient appliances can greatly reduce your water bill. When purchasing new washers, pay close attention to the efficiency of the machine. Get a washer that runs on 50% less energy and 35% less water per load. In addition, get a front-loading washer, which uses much less water compared to a top-loading washer. 

Invest in WaterSense-certified faucets or add aerators to your faucets

You have probably heard that turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth can help to save water, but did you know you can save water while the tap is running? You can do this by adding aerators to your faucets or installing WaterSense-certified faucets. These models make the flow more forceful and reduce the amount of water the faucet uses. 

Repair leaks

Small water leaks can be the reason why your water bill is always high. A faucet leak may seem harmless, but it can have a great impact on your bill if allowed to continue running for an extended period. You can reduce your water bill by repairing leaks as soon as they arise. 

Use your dishwasher

It may seem counter-intuitive, but using your dishwasher instead of your hands can help to save water. On average, a dishwasher uses six gallons every cycle, while water runs from the faucet at a rate of two gallons per minute. If you normally spend more than two minutes washing your dishes, you are better off using a dishwasher. 

Change your toilets to low flow

In terms of water use, toilets are up there with showers and washing machines. You can invest in new water-efficient toilets, but it’s more cost-effective to convert your toilets to operate at low flow. On average, a low-flow toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush, which is way less compared to the seven gallons per flush a standard toilet uses. 


These are clever ways to lower your water bill. Even the changes that might seem small can have a huge impact on your bill by the end of the year. For instance, you can save over $100 if you manage to save $10 every month.


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