5 Wonderful Ways to Make Your Aging Parents Feel Loved

Updated on February 17, 2022

Many parents build their lives around their children and spend time with them when they’re little. But when kids become adults and leave the nest, they get swamped with work or their own homes, and it becomes difficult to keep in touch with their parents. 

The fact that you no longer spend as much time as you would love with your parents does not mean you don’t care about them. Luckily, there are different ways to make them feel loved and appreciated. These suggestions will show you wonderful ways to show love to your aging parents.  

Plan to Visit

Regular visits are an excellent way to show your aging parents that you care. If you live close enough, try to schedule weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly visits. But if you’re unable to visit frequently, try to come around during holiday seasons or on their birthdays. You and your other siblings or relatives could schedule different visiting times all year round. When aging parents see loved ones, it enhances their emotional and physical health and prevents them from feeling lonely. 

When you’re around, make your presence felt by talking with them and listening attentively without interrupting their train of thought. Give them your complete attention, maintain eye contact while communicating, and eliminate distractions like cell phones and computers. 

Use appropriate body language like smiles and nods, and don’t forget to say, ”I love you.” That way, they’ll know they are important to you and cherish every moment you spend together. Interestingly, you’ll also enjoy the conversations because your parents will likely share some stories of your upbringing that’ll bring back fond memories. If you cannot visit regularly, make out time to call and check up on your parents. You can set weekly or bi-weekly reminders for the calls.   

Plan a Special Trip

Everyone loves a little bit of adventure, including your aging parents. They’ve probably dreamed of having a wonderful vacation for a long time but have never gotten around to it. You can make their dream come true by planning the trip to their desired city or country. You could make it extra special by flying your parents on luxury private jets

Ensure they book an appointment with their doctor at least one month before traveling so they can get destination-specific information, medicines, and vaccines. It’s crucial they tell their doctor all the places they’ll be visiting, the length of the trip, planned activities, and the types of accommodation they’ll be staying in, such as boats or outdoor camps. It’s also essential to get travel insurance before traveling.

Involve Them in Family Events

As you start your own family and have kids, you can involve your senior loved ones in simple family events like soccer games, graduation ceremonies, birthdays, and recitals. Contrary to what many people think, you’re not ”disturbing” your aging parents by getting them involved in family events. 

Such occasions bring them much joy and give them the opportunity to bond with their grandkids and create lasting memories with them. They can also mentor the little ones and offer valuable advice based on life experiences. So, the next time there’s an engagement party, baby shower, bridal shower, or baptism, inform your parents and see how happy they’d be to come.   

Ask for Advice

The fact that you’re grown-up doesn’t mean you can deal with every challenge by yourself. If you need advice, consider asking your parent. They’ll likely be willing to offer some wise counsel and a shoulder to cry on if you need one. 

Your aging parents will feel honored that you value their opinion and support. So, whether it’s a minor issue from regular daily activities or a major life decision, let your parents know that their ideas count.

Resolve Your Differences

In life, we’re bound to make mistakes along the way and hurt people or get hurt when we relate with others. It’s what makes us human. But when it comes to family, we still care regardless of our differences. The fact that you’re reading this article to learn ways to make your parents feel valued shows that you want them to be happy

So, don’t let grudges linger; offer your aging parents the gift of forgiveness and be kind to them. Rather than dwell on past mistakes or find faults, appreciate your parents for things they did right. You could thank them for teaching you, sponsoring your education, or being there during tough times. When your aging parents are at peace with you and notice your positive attitude toward them, they’ll feel loved. 


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