5 Ways To Make Your Senior Living A Better Experience

Updated on October 23, 2021

When people move to a senior living center, they plan to stay there forever. Therefore, a senior living center must be high to their standard and follow strict parameters to make sure that their residents feel comfortable. Moving into senior living can be a difficult decision. If the staff is not compassionate, you might even start regretting your decision very soon. You need to make sure that your chosen senior living offers the best services, just like Tealwood Senior Living, that has the most understanding staff and round the clock assistance present for the seniors so that they don’t feel abandoned. If you are planning to move to the senior living center, here are some steps mentioned, that can make your senior living a better experience. 

  1. Check reviews about the center- Research a bit about the center and go through the reviews about the facility that you have chosen. You can also contact and spend time with the people living there so that you can feel assured about your choice. Also, it would help if you observe the staff and their behavior with the residents. 
  2. Visit the property- Before you move to the senior living facility, visit the property once, and inform them about your date of arrival. Make sure that everything is in order so that you don’t suffer from an unfortunate incident where they are still preparing a room for you on the day you arrive.
  3. Fill the paperwork and contract carefully- Go through the terms and conditions of the contract carefully. If required, you can also hire an expert to help you with the contract. They will help you to understand the clause properly and double-check the conditions that can lead to a problem later on.
  4. Find out if they are pet friendly- Having a pet can make the transition smooth. Still, not every facility has the policies to allow the pets on their premises. We recommend you ask the management about the pet policy as they will stay with you in the facilities. For a majority of people, not having the option to have their pets with them can be a deal-breaker. Also, you might need to ask the staff if they will be willing to help you taking care of the pet if the need arises. 
  5. Pack your stuff beforehand- It can be challenging to pack the stuff at the last moment as the object may bring back memories, and you might get caught up with them. If required, call your friends and family to help you with packing and emotional outbursts as well. When you pack your stuff beforehand, you can easily make a move without being worried about the fact that you might be leaving your stuff behind.
  6. Indulge in activities- Try to come out of your room and comfort zone and try to indulge yourself in various activities. You will find something that will pique your interest, and soon, you will find yourself in the company of people that have similar interests like you. You can pick up on new hobbies, experiment with your choices, and spend time with the people. You will soon learn that it is a phase and it will pass, and the same will be explained to you by the other companions.

Moving to senior living care can be a tough decision, and you might feel like you are leaving your life behind. If you feel so, you can take help from your friends and family and ask them to accompany you for a couple of hours for the initial days. The staff will try their best to help you make a comfortable transition. Don’t feel like you will be bugging them unnecessarily, as they will be happy to schedule therapy and help you bond with other people. 

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