5 Tips to Buying a Portable Hammock

Updated on December 21, 2018
Young man reading in hammock, outdoors

A portable hammock can be one of your most essential travel items to take with you these days. Why so? Because it is so light and small that it hardly takes up space in your travel backpack. Its use, on the other hand, is admirable as it can substitute for a bed or a chair while you camp and most of the time can be more comfortable than the ones mentioned.

A portable hammock is an excellent way to hang out during your backpacking or camping trips. It is usually made of nylon, a very light but sturdy material which can support a lot of weight without breaking or ripping apart. As if very little positive words have been said about the portable hammock, here are 5 tips to guide you when choosing a portable hammock that’s right for you.

1.  Consider the size

With traveling booming nowadays, the need for portable hammocks has become bigger. Lovers of the outdoors can easily bring their own personal hammocks during trips. Portable hammocks come in two sizes, single and double. Most people would choose the double not necessarily because they are delighted to share with a friend, but because of the comfort it gives as compared to the single. When you plan on spending the night on your hammock, a double is probably the perfect choice.

2.  Usage

For people who love hiking and backpacking, a portable hammock is a significant investment. It is lightweight at the same time very durable. Its material is made of nylon which is water-resistant, so it really is a perfect gear for the outdoors. Another benefit from a portable hammock is that it is so easy to set-up and pack away, no need to stress over where it can be stored because it hardly occupies space in a backpack. It can also be perfect to set-up if you just want to chill in your backyard because it is sturdy enough to hold your weight for your short quiet nap times.

3.  Accessories for setting-up

Portable hammocks come with different accessories for setting-up such as straps called suspension systems which are made of sturdy materials that is why they can be depended on for a relaxing time. Some portable hammocks come with mosquito or bugs net which is great for backpacking and camping enthusiasts who prefer to sleep on hammocks instead of setting up a tent. They may also come with rain gear such as a tarp to protect you whenever you encounter such natural elements during your travels. For specifics on the types of portable hammocks to choose from, you can check out top10bestpro.com.

4.  Ease of Use      

Hammocks are easier to set up than tents. You just need to find trees or poles which can hold your weight, and you are all set for a relaxing day or a good night’s sleep. Since it is very easy to unpack and pack away, you can have more time for fun activities to enjoy the outdoors.

5.  Affordability

A portable hammock is considerably cheaper than a tent and can serve the same purpose for some outdoor enthusiasts. It can be a place to sleep for the night or a lounging chair in the lazy mornings or afternoons. It is an excellent investment for such a small and lightweight item for outdoor use.  

Choosing a portable hammock is not such a hard task, especially when you look forward to the benefits it can give you on your next backpacking trip. Make sure that when you buy one, it has all the elements you needed in one such small package and you will never regret it.


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