5 Tips for Making Your Living Room More Comfy

Updated on August 31, 2022
5 Tips for Making Your Living Room More Comfy

Combine comfortable furniture, a smart layout, and your personal style to create a living room you enjoy. Whether you’re downsizing or refreshing your current space, use these five tips for making your living room more comfy.

1. Use Functional Furniture

Quality furniture, especially the couch, makes the biggest difference in the comfort level of your living room. Sitting on a lumpy couch can strain your lower back. And a sofa that’s too high or too low can cause problems with your alignment and posture. Choose the right sofa for your living space so that you can enjoy ample support and beautiful designs.

2. Optimize the Layout

The next tip for making your living room more comfortable is to optimize the layout of your furniture. Allow 30 inches of clear space for walkways, and keep the coffee table about 14 to 18 inches away from the sofa for easy access. Having the TV too high or low causes you to crane your neck, so mount the TV so that the center of the screen is at eye level when you’re seated.

3. Choose Fabrics

Soft-to-the-touch fabrics add comfort and visual interest. A rug with a rug pad underneath feels great underfoot, adds warmth, and looks beautiful. A throw blanket adds a decorative accent to your couch, and it’s not as cumbersome as a full-sized blanket, so you can easily move it around and stay cozy.

4. Adjust the Lights

Since you do so many different things in the living room, it’s a good idea to have adjustable lights. When you watch TV, you’ll appreciate the ability to turn on a dim light that doesn’t cause a glare on the TV. For entertaining in the evening, soft lights can help you set a relaxed mood. Adding a dimmer to your overhead lights makes it easy for you to adjust the brightness, and lamps can help you focus light on a specific area.

5. Balance Accessories

Finally, balance the accessories in your living room to make it feel properly filled and decorated. If you have too many decorative items competing for attention, the space looks cluttered. Too few accessories can make your space feel impersonal.

Leave room around items and artwork so that the eye can relax. Group accessories in groups of three or five to create aesthetically pleasing arrangements on tabletops, bookshelves, or walls.

Whether you choose to use all these tips or just a few, you can improve your living room. Make some changes for a more practical and beautiful space.

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