5 Things You Can Do With Synthetic Urine

Updated on March 5, 2019
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Ever heard of synthetic urine? Do you know that you canbuy synthetic urine online? If you are not familiar with the urine, you are most likely wondering what it is and why someone in his/her sane mind would buy something that sounds like  an excreta.

Synthetic urine is a fake pee. In other words, it is an artificial substance that resembles and has nearly the same chemical properties as natural human urine.  Just like the natural human urine, the artificial one has sulfates, urea, uric acid, creatinine, phosphates, as well as ammonia.

Here are some of the things that you can do with synthetic urine:

1. Cheat a drug test

The majority of employers take various measures to ensure that they have a sober workforce that’s free from drug abuse. As such, some organizations have made urine screening mandatory for their existing staff and people who are being vetted for possible employment. The screening is aimed at establishing if the person being tested has previously used illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, methadone, amphetamines, methamphetamines and opioids. In case significant traces of any these drugs are in your body system, the test results are highly likely to incriminate you and your chances of failing the job interview process or losing your jobs becomes extremely high.

Luckily, with the fake pee, you can get favorable urine test results even if you took any of the aforementioned drugs yesterday or a couple of hours ago. Just submit the fake urine instead of your natural urine for testing. If you’ve gotten the fake urine from a genuine source, you can rest assured that the test results will be in your favor.

2. Warding off garden animals

Some animals that tend to destroy crops in your garden, for instance rodents, hate the smell of human urine. While you can various agro-chemicals to put them at bay, using human urine is a better and cost-efficient option. But is it possible to accumulate enough urine to sprinkle to your entire garden? It’s not, right? That’s where the use of the fake pee comes in since you can buy it in large quantity and has the same composition and properties as human urine. Besides, it’s more hygienic to handle the artificial pee, and it’s safe to the environment. Just sprinkle some synthetic urine in your garden, and certainly, rodents will have no option but to keep off the place.

3. For testing cleaning detergents

If you deal with the production of cleaning detergents, you must test the effectiveness of the products before you release them to the market. Besides, in your marketing campaign, you may want to showcase its effectiveness. Considering that urine stains are common among your target customers, you may want to establish if your product will remove them and prove the same to the target customers. In such a case, using synthetic urine will be a hygienic and effective way of conducting the test.

4. For scientific research

In scientific research that involve human urine, for instance, NASA experiments and cancer studies, synthetic pee can be a perfect alternative to natural human urine. If you are a scientist who deals with such experiments, using synthetic urine will be a more viable option because its shelf life is longer than that of natural human pee.

5. As an alternative medicine

Although there’s no scientific evidence to back the claim, some people believe that human urine can effectively treat jellyfish and urchin stings. If you are one of those people and you happen to be stung the animals, you can use synthetic urine as a substitute for human urine.

It is evident that there’s a lot you can do with synthetic urine. However, you need to get it from a reputable source to ensure that it’s genuine as there are some fakes on the market.


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