5 Things To Do This Summer With Your Dog

Updated on May 4, 2023
5 Things To Do This Summer With Your Dog

As summer approaches, you expect to enjoy a visit from your kids and your grandchildren. But remember to take some time for your dog too! The warmest season gives you the perfect opportunity to spend time with your pet. If you need suggestions, here are five things to do this summer with your dog.

Take a Trip

One thing that you and your dog can do is to take a trip together. This can be a trip to a familiar place, or somewhere you’ve never been, so you and your dog will have plenty of opportunities to explore. But if you need a break after all that fun, take your dog in for a stay with a boarding provider so your pet can be social with other animals.

Set Up a Sprinkler

Another thing to do this summer with your dog is to set up a sprinkler in your yard so your dog can play in it. They should enjoy running and frolicking in the water as they strive to beat the heat. But remember to closely supervise them so they don’t drink the water and experience water intoxication.

Visit a Dog Park

A third option is to take your favorite canine to the local dog park. They will enjoy being let off their leash, running, and playing with other dogs. Be sure, though, that you select a park that hosts dogs with similar temperaments to yours so that they have a good time.

Go for a Hike

If you would like to exercise while spending time with your dog, why not go for a hike together? Your four-legged friend will have plenty of opportunities to sniff new scents while you stay active. Remember to bring water for both of you so you stay hydrated.

Have Your Picture Taken

The warm weather also makes it a good time to have your picture taken with your pup outdoors. During this process, you should help them become comfortable with the camera and choose an ideal time to take the photo. But if you do it right, you’ll have an image of yourself and your best friend that you will always treasure.

These activities give you plenty of options for spending time with your pet this summer. After all the loyalty and love they have shown you, reward them by setting aside some time for them.

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