5 Steps to Better, Healthier Sleep

Updated on January 28, 2020

In today’s world, having a good night’s sleep has become an impossibility for many people. This is especially true if you are getting older, as you may find you aren’t sleeping enough, or that you are sleeping too much. Accoring to eachnight, the key to a healthy mind and a healthy body is getting the right amount of sleep each night. Though you may know that a change needs to happen, it can be hard to listen to your body when there are lots of stresses in the outside world threatening to interfere with a new sleep routine. If you are struggling to sleep through the night, wake up the next morning, or simply crave a better sleep, make sure you take note of some handy tips.

Address any underlying causes

Many people still follow the line of thought that the mind and body are separate. However, this is a myth that needs to be strongly debunked, even more so when it comes to sleep. When you are lying awake at night worrying or finding you want to sleep more to escape stresses of daily life and difficult emotions, it’s a sure sign that there may be a deeper issue you might need to unlock. Issues that cause insomnia can be stress, anxiety, and chronic mental health conditions. If you are finding it uncomfortable to sleep, and are being kept awake by leg pain, or swollen ankles, for example, you could be suffering from vein disease, which causes issues with transporting oxygenated blood from your legs to the rest of your body. Regardless of what is causing it, once you find out what it is, it can be much easier to sort. With this particular issue, for example, you can easily find vein disease treatment near you to help tackle the problem.

Exercise regularly

As with most parts of life, exercising regularly can have immeasurable benefits on your health. When it comes to sleep, it can help tire you out in the evenings, so you sleep through the night, but it can also make you feel more energized to wake up feeling fresh in the mornings. The best thing about exercise is that there are now more options than ever for people who feel self-conscious about going to the gym, for those who may suffer from joint pain with certain exercises, and for those who have little time each day to commit to exercise. One of the most popular options is Pilates, which can be done from the comfort of your own home or yard. It helps remove stress, and regulate conditions inside your body so that you sleep better.

Eat a balanced diet

Having a great exercise routine is often nothing if you aren’t eating the right stuff. As you get older, it can be easier to rely on simple methods of cooking. However, it is more than doable to have simple meals that are full of protein and essential vitamins. From drinking enough water each day to ensuring you address any deficiencies you might have in your diet, a better sleep is bound to follow. It is also important to note that there are certain foods that you should avoid if you are hoping to sleep through the nights, as well as those that help. Caffeine and excessive alcohol consumption are the main ones. If you find you rely on caffeine a lot, try switching to green tea for a healthy boost of energy in the morning, but also to relax you at night.

Switch off from technology

Even in older age, it can be a huge struggle to switch off from technology when everyone else around you uses it to communicate with the wider world. Spending lots of time watching television at night, and reading books off bright, e-reader screens just before bed can trick your brain into feeling wide awake. With this, the trick is to switch off an hour before bedtime and fill that hour doing something you love. It could be revisiting pastimes you haven’t enjoyed in a while, or catching up with loved ones over the phone.

Follow self-care routines

One of the most popular options on how to spend that final hour before bed is following some self-care ideas. Self-care means taking the time to listen to your body and mind and doing something you love that is healthy for you. For example, many people have started to indulge in running long, hot baths with a medley of essential oils, which have been proven to improve sleep at night. Sometimes, going on a walk can be the best key, as it could be your chance to fit in your exercise for the day, see friends, or feel calm before attempting to sleep.

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