5 Rules for Cougar Dating

Updated on April 10, 2020

“Cougar” is a slang term for women in their 40s or older who prefer to date noticeably younger men, with a 10-year age gap or more. In pop culture, they are often referred to as predatory, or even pathetically desperate; however, now women are fighting this harmful stereotype. They claim that real cougars are successful and confident single women over the age of 40, who are fed up with close-minded, old-fashioned and boring men their age. That is why they prefer to date younger men who are usually more adventurous, energetic and open to trying new things.

Cougar dating seems more and more popular nowadays, and as a result, numerous places making it easier online are emerging. You should be really careful not to experience scam – it is advised to read cougar dating site reviews before you start searching for them on your own. 

What is more, there are certain rules that should be followed in order to increase the probability of this kind of dating to be successful. Here you can read five most crucial ones:

1. Do not talk about age too much

Keep in mind that even if a cougar is interested in a relationship with a younger guy, she may not like emphasizing the age difference too much. You both aware of what you are doing, and there is no need to bring this subject to the forefront often. Focusing too much on her being older may make her feel uncomfortable with it, which may make her less willing to continue dating you. You should always remember about the internal feminine desire to feel attractive for a man. It is better to make her sure (preferably with your physicality) that the age gap is either not significant or very alluring to you.

2. Keep the sexual flames burning

It is truly crucial for you to remember that one of the main reasons for a cougar to involve with a vivid young man like you is that she desires your exuberance and energy, especially associated with sex. She expects you to fill a need that older men, such as her ex-husband, were not able to handle. You should never think that there is no need to keep the flames burning all the time and that after the first few weeks, it becomes less intense. If that happens, most likely, a cougar will not be interested in you anymore.

3. Don’t assume she is interested in sex only

Despite all that has been said above, you should never assume that a cougar is interested in sex and nothing more with you. On dating sites and apps, there are women searching for many different kinds of relationships, from a one night stand to a long-term romance. If sex is your only interest, be honest with that fact from the start, but remember to do it in a classy way, not to appear as a horny pervert. Clarity and sincerity will increase the chances for a date to work out.

4. Don’t brag about your money

It happens that younger men get a false impression that that older women want them to flaunt their money. As mentioned earlier, she is interested in your energy, attractive body and open-mindedness, not cash. Therefore, you should never feel the pressure to foot the bill for almost anything you do. Of course, it is nice to make an impressive gift once in a while, but keep that in moderation. And do never brag about money when you talk to a woman!

5. Don’t expect too much attention

Cougar dating shouldn’t be confused with an actual relationship, because it may or may not resemble it. For this reason, you should not be too needy, as it can be very off-putting to a woman. Even if she shows she likes you and loves to spend time with you, don’t expect her to resign from her hobbies, friends, family or anything else. She wants you to be a trustworthy companion who is there for her to provide comfort and support, as well as to have a great time together. She is definitely not interested in hearing your nagging. You should live two separate lives unless both of you clearly want to reach another level.

To sum up, to be successful in cougar dating, you should find a perfect balance between an intense relationship and not pressuring the woman too much. Such an attitude combined with being charming, sexually active and open for novelties, may prove very useful in this kind of dating.

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