5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Your Ideal Woman

Updated on November 25, 2020

While there is nothing wrong with being single and enjoying, there comes a time when we are longing to settle down with the right woman. You may be one of those looking for the most ideal women right now, only to find out that it is not as easy as it seems. 

In order to solve this problem, you need to look more closely at yourself. Try to find out why you may not have been successful in finding your match in the past and then make changes. Here are some reasons why you may not have found your ideal woman yet. 

  1. You may have too many high expectations – Many people have probably advised you to make a list of all the qualities you want in your ideal woman. While there is nothing wrong with this, you need to realize that having too many specific criteria is hurting your chances of finding your ideal mate. Of course, you can keep certain criteria like intelligence, moral standards, kindness and others, but for specific things like hair color, weight, height or even career; that shouldn’t matter much? These are things that can be considered minor. Be more open and do not look for a partner who just ticks all the criteria on your list.
  2. You do not allow space in your life to find her – Another question you need to ask is whether you are actually ready to have a relationship right now. You may be trying to build your career, making you too busy to meet people or commit to a relationship. If this is you, then it is better to wait until you know that you can commit your time and effort first before you look into starring a relationship. 
  3. You may not be approachable – Look at yourself in the mirror and see if you look approachable. Make sure to smile when you are with a group of people. Maintain eye contact and learn how to converse properly with people. If you look too intimidating, people may not want to spend time with you. And if you need to fix your smile, be sure to head over to Dental Arts of Catoosa clinic.
  4. You are too hung up on your previous failed relationships – Some people make the mistake of comparing all their potential relationships to their previous one. You nitpick and analyze every action of your date and compare it to your previous girlfriend. This is not a healthy way of approaching a relationship and it can often end up backfiring. You will be too critical of yourself and the other person if you don’t get a grasp on these feelings right away. It is best to leave your past relationships behind. While you can learn from the lessons that you needed to learn over these past failed relationships, it is never healthy to dwell on them, especially if it has long ended.
  5. You are not widening your scope – Are you just looking at the women in your workplace or maybe even your own neighborhood? The world is a big place! You can find your ideal woman anywhere. Why not travel and see what the world can offer you? You just might find yourself dating Brazilian women or perhaps someone from Asia. You only need to open your heart and not let a difference in culture and race get in the way of love. 
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