5 Reasons Why Seniors Choose CBD Products To Stay Healthy

Updated on June 22, 2020

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The human body weakens as one grows old. As such, seniors are more vulnerable to various health conditions than other age groups. 

Studies suggest that taking CBD can help in boosting your immunity and fighting many diseases. 

Being non-psychoactive, you can ingest tinctures, edibles, or use CBD oils and other products from top brands like CBDfx. There are many CBD products on the market tailored for seniors. 

CBD’s a great and low-risk option that effectively helps in treating several disorders associated with old age. 

1. CBD Help in Fighting Insomnia

Getting a quality night’s sleep becomes more difficult as we get older. 

A night of good sleep is important because, during this time, the brain regenerates and is relieved of unhealthy substances. 

CBD can help seniors have better sleep and prevent them from developing neurodegenerative diseases associated with old age, such as glaucoma and Alzheimer’s. You can check CBD oil tincture that will help you sleep and overcome insomnia.

Many pieces of research support the idea of CBD aiding in sleep. But to understand how CBD works in improving sleep, it’s essential first to understand the causes of insomnia.  

Several things can cause insomnia. Here are some of the common causes of poor sleep that can be treated with CBD. 

  • Mental health conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Physical conditions like pain

Research studies suggest that CBD helps in treating mental health conditions such as anxiety that trigger insomnia. 

A 2019 study investigated the effects of CBD on sleep. In the study, subjects suffering from anxiety were given doses of CBD and sleep patterns observed.  

Lower levels of anxiety and improved sleep was observed. They concluded that CBD helped in boosting sleep by treating anxiety. 

A 2018 review also supports the claim that CBD aids in sleep. The review concluded that by effectively relieving pain, CBD helped improve sleep quality.

2. CBD can Relief Pain

Pain is one of the most common conditions that most seniors deal with. Arthritis is the most prevalent disease affecting about half of the seniors in the US

Inflammation and chronic pain are also common problems. 

Studies have proved that CBD is excellent in reducing pain and fighting inflammation arising from diseases such as multiple sclerosis and joint pain. 

Experts claim that CBD works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to deliver health benefits without causing side effects. 

In a study, CBD gel was applied to rats with joint pain for four consecutive days. The study concluded that CBD significantly helped in reducing pain and inflammation. 

Researchers also observed that CBD didn’t induce side effects. CBD’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects can help seniors with arthritis. 

3. CBD can Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are common among older adults. Many seniors suffer from high blood pressure, which is the leading cause of heart problems. 

According to recent researches, CBD can help manage high blood pressure. In one study, researchers treated participants with doses of CBD and discovered that it lowered blood pressure. 

They conducted stress tests during the study to find out the effects of CBD on the participant’s stress response. Researchers found that they exhibited reduced stress levels. 

CBD also has antioxidant properties that play a key role in alleviating cardiac inflammation and inhibits cell deaths due to oxidative stress. 

The investigators believed that CBD might help in treating diabetes and other cardiovascular disorders.

Seniors can benefit from CBD as it deters inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and prevents cell death in the heart. 

These conditions being some of the leading causes of heart problems means that using CBD can significantly boost heart health. 

4. CBD May Help with Digestion

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Seniors are susceptible to issues with the digestive system. The functionality of cells found in the digestive tract decline as one grows old. 

They may develop gastrointestinal problems that result from inflammation of the digestive organs. CBD is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties

When seniors procure cannabis from trusted retailers like High Supplies, it activates the cells in the digestive system, thus easing the digestion process. CBD works with cannabinoid receptors to stop inflammation and improve gut health. 

It also fights other issues that are related to gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, anxiety, and reduced appetite. 

5. CBD can Improve Bone Health 

Osteoporosis is more prevalent among seniors. CBD can help prevent this condition and fasten bone recovery. 

It can be used alongside other medications to speed up healing because CBD is effective in treating pain and inflammation due to injuries. 

CBD can help elders with other conditions such as osteoarthritis, fractures, and bone loss. CBD stimulates bone growth and repair but also stops bone loss. 

It does this by blocking fatty acid amides hydrolase (FAAH) and allowing fatty acid amides (FAAs) to work with CB receptors in a process that stimulates bone remodeling. 

CBD improves bone health by controlling cannabinoid receptors in bone marrow cells. Studies reveal that cannabinoids have the potential of preventing cell degeneration. 

The cannabinoids from CBD stimulate the CBD receptors found in the cell and tissues. Researchers have also discovered that CBD aids in bone fracture repair. 

They found out that CBD stimulates the enzymes that catalyze crosslinking in bone healing. 

The study concluded that CBD doesn’t just increase lysyl hydroxylase activity, it also contributed significantly to the bone healing process. 


Seniors face many health challenges. They have to put up with high prescription costs and discomforts from conditions such as arthritis. 

The problem with most over the counter drugs is that they can cause dependency. Finding an effective natural way of solving problems that arise with old age is good news. 

CBD can treat various health issues affecting seniors. It can help to restore the sleep cycle, improve digestion, strengthen bones, improve heart health, and relieve pain. 

However, it’s essential to understand that many studies that support the health benefits of CBD are inconclusive. 

There’s still a need for more research to confirm the claims. Also, make sure to consult your doctor before you start using CBD. 

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