5 Reasons To Test Your Home for Radon Gas

Updated on October 26, 2023
5 Reasons To Test Your Home for Radon Gas

As a longtime homeowner, you’ve likely heard of radon gas. It’s a silent threat that plagues many homes by seeping in through the foundation, causing negative health effects. However, there are ways to check and reduce radon levels in your home that can help keep you safe. Here are five reasons to test your home for radon gas. Protecting your home from it is crucial.

You Can’t See, Smell, or Taste Radon

Testing for radon is crucial since you can’t see, smell, or taste it. It’s invisible, leaving indoor air susceptible to high gas concentrations. Being vulnerable to this unknown is a pressing reason to test your home as soon as possible.

It’s a Leading Cause of Lung Cancer

The presence of radon in your home can cause detrimental health effects. Exposure to this gas is a cause of lung cancer. If your levels are significantly higher than they should be, you’re at a higher risk of developing cancer in your lifetime. Testing your home allows you to avoid serious health impacts over time.

Radon Levels Can Shift

You should be regularly testing your home every two to five years, regardless of whether you have done so in the past. Radon levels can change due to several factors, including cracks in the foundation and inclement weather. Therefore, you should routinely check your home’s radon concentration, no matter what.

It’s Easier To Sell Your Home

Once you control the radon situation in your home, it’s easier to sell it. Whether you’re downsizing or retiring to a new state, having low radon levels will be helpful when putting your house on the market.

Testing Is Simple

There’s no reason to avoid testing, as it’s a simple and inexpensive process. There are several common radon testing methods, including at-home kits, continuous radon monitors, and professional contractors. Whatever you choose, finding your radon levels can help mitigate the problem.

Checking your radon concentration levels is an important home maintenance task. Whatever testing method you choose, ensure you’re thorough and accurate. Now that you’ve read about these five reasons to test your home for radon gas, you can take the next step in making your home a safer and more comfortable place to reside!

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