5 Reasons to Invest in Equity in The UK

Updated on October 9, 2020

For long, the United Kingdom has remained among the most popular nations in the world. Comprised of 4 major countries (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), the UK also happens to be among the world’s most prestigious places to be. Forget about the royalty and all the exciting folklore you’ve heard or read about the place, the UK also has a mammoth command among the best places to invest and do business in, making it a great place to send some of your investments to.

Well, do you remember Brexit? Can how risky is it to invest in stocks and shares in the United Kingdom after the popular yet somewhat infamous referendum? Spoiler alert, it’s not a threat to your investments there according to recent statistics. To save the main juice and dessert for later, here are 5 reasons to invest in equity in the UK.

UK A Domineering Economy

For starters, anyone with some basic knowledge or experience about investing in stock, shares, or other forms of equity will tell you that it pays to do a risk assessment, especially when investing in a foreign country. Purchasing stocks in a company whose local country’s local economy is on the verge of collages can be a catastrophic mistake. The United Kingdom is actually ranked top five in the list of the largest economies globally. According to a Forbes’ 2017 ranking of the best places to do business in the world, the UK ranked number 1. From an economic standpoint, this makes the UK a great low-risk place to invest in, generally.

Equity Is a Great Long-Term Investment

Especially when investing in bonds, stocks, and shares, equity is a great basket to place your mangoes to ripen or eggs to hatch over the long-term. Equities such as stocks and capital share, for instance, have historically been known to beat even the worst bouts of inflation over time. Even when the markets become a little bit unbearable, you won’t actually suffer the losses literally if you choose to hold on to your shares. And considering the UK’s stock market history and trends dating back a few years, you will find no reason to doubt its potential.

Investing Is Easy

Another great reason to invest in UK equities is that there are many stock brokers or share-dealing services you can use to buy equity or stocks regardless of the part of the globe you come from. Moreover, most of these stockbrokers and share dealing agents provide you with a myriad of commodities, products, and company options to choose from. You can make your investment right from the comfort of your home. Speaking of home, you can check out http://www.responsibleequityrelease.co.uk for more details on financing home equity for investments or other financial needs.

Multiple Support Networks

Along with the London Stock Exchange (UK’s main stock exchange body), there are other stock exchanges in the UK’s capital, including Alternative Investment Market (AIM), Chi-X, ISDX, and BATS, among others, with most of the latter targeting smaller companies and startups. This brings even more equity investment opportunities to both private investors and forms with an interest in the UK market.

The “Ripple Effects” Of Brexit

Last but not the least, Brexit has actually been a triumph to most equity investors in the UK over the past 3 or so quarters since the referendum vote. According to research, a majority of investors have reported either a positive or neutral outcome as far as their returns on investments are concerned since Brexit. The pound might have weakened but the stocks and shares market grew and expanded instead.

Aren’t these reasons enough to put your money in the UK equities market?  For more info, visit best share dealing account UK.


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