5 Reasons To Consider No Exam Life Insurance Policy

Updated on July 18, 2019

If you are the one do not want to face any exams due to any situation then you can get no exam life insurance policy. There are several reasons due to which you become unable to face the exams just for getting life insurance. 

There are several insurance policies which do not require any sort of exam to get accessible. Browse a bit to check out guaranteed no exam life insurance policies. 

Today in this article, we will let you know six major reasons to consider getting no exam life insurance policy.

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1. Require Coverage In Fast Place

There are many reasons you have to get coverage in a fast place. Usually, an insurance policy takes 6-8 weeks to process. If you do not want to wait for protecting your family members, for protecting your SBA loan, leaving on holidays, or such other reason can allow you to get insurance without any prior exam. 

2. Didn’t Have A Met Up With Doctor In A While:

This one is a significant reason. If you do not been to the doctor for a long time, then you are obliged to get no exam insurance policy at first. Most of the time, people think that they are in perfect condition and do not know that there are many changes occurred. Even if you get your last checkup completely clear, then you are not sure about what gets changed.

3. Being Afraid Of Needles, Blood, Or Doctors:

You are not alone in this. If you are afraid of needles, blood, and hospitals, then you are eligible to get no exam life insurance policy. The fear of needle is a disease named as trypanophobia. It may sound you funny, but it’s real. The fear of blood is the phobia named as homophobia. 3% of the adult population is affected by this. They cannot see blood. In such cases filing for no exam insurance policy is eligible and you should get insurance.

4. No Time To Schedule A Medical Exam:

You can get no exam life insurance if you are too much busy to unable to schedule a medical exam. You have to show some potential things to make them assure you that you are busy. If you are having no time for the medical exam, then simply apply for no exam insurance policy and wait for the decision.

5. Having A Dangerous Job Or Hobby:

If you want to get no exam life insurance, then you are eligible to get no exam life insurance. Your hobby or job could be skydiving, rock climbing, base jumping, or any other risky act. If there is a much-increased rate of risk, then you have to pay much more. Actually, the payment is dependent according to the level of risk. 

Getting no exam life insurance policy is not a difficult task; just you have to find out more to get guaranteed no exam insurance policies. You should have a potential reason to be eligible for no exam policy. 


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