5 Maintenance Tips for New Hot Tub Owners

Updated on October 21, 2021
5 Maintenance Tips for New Hot Tub Owners

So you’ve got your new hot tub installed. How do you get it ready for use? To expedite the time between setup and full-body relaxation, keep these tips and tricks in your back pocket as you prepare. These maintenance tips for new hot tub owners will get your tub on its feet and ready for years of enjoyment.

Read the Manual

To familiarize yourself with all the “stuff”—jets, pumps, valves, filters—sit down and really read the manual. Know the model of your hot tub and locate its serial number. You’ll need to know the basic anatomy of your hot tub to more effectively open and close it as the seasons change.

Build Your Chemistry Set

To keep your hot tub’s water clean and free of algae and bacteria, keep a supply of chemicals on hand. Chlorine is an essential sanitizer; balance the water often and take care not to add too much. In addition, you’ll need pH balancers to keep it neutral and a calcium hardness increaser to prevent scaling on the walls. Check your tub’s water once a week and add chemicals as necessary to keep it clean.

Circulate the Water

Standing water is a breeding ground for bugs and bacteria, especially during the summer. To keep mosquitoes and algae at bay, run the hot tub often to keep the water moving. Regular circulation will also disperse cleaning and balancing chemicals more evenly.

Use Energy Wisely

Hot tubs are hot for a reason! The warm water relaxes you and soothes aching muscles and joints. However, it doesn’t need to be toasty when not in use. After you’re done using your tub, turn down the temperature a few degrees to conserve energy. Avoid constantly running the jets to cut down on electricity costs. You can even invest in a pool cover to seal the warmth inside your tub and prevent it from escaping.

Keep It Clean

Every three or four months, drain your hot tub completely and start over with fresh water. Before you refill it, give the floor, seats, and walls of your tub a good cleaning. Check your tub’s filters regularly and clean them out (or replace them if needed) every time you do a deep cleaning.

As you prepare to get years of relaxation out of your hot tub, know how to keep it happy. Clean your tub on a regular schedule, balance and sanitize the water often, and feel your aches and pains melt away as you enjoy those jets. Follow these maintenance tips for new hot tub owners and you’ll be a pro in no time!

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