5 best workout apps to get in shape

Updated on August 21, 2020

Advancement in technology is all about making our life easy and comfortable. Now you can get everything you want on your fingertips. 

The Mobile phone has come a long way from connecting people with each other. Smartphones have made it possible for people to spend a better and healthy life. There is too much information about everything available on the internet, with health and fitness being no exception. 

There are apps for everything, from getting college paper for sale to halth improvement. Several mobile apps help you to understand your health status and what you can do to make it better. These apps have complete fitness programs available according to your needs. You just need to download the app and share your details and they will provide you with a complete plan to execute. Other than plan, these apps help you to track the progress and know the results. 

There are hundreds of fitness and health-related mobile apps. Most of the time, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right app for better guidance and help. For you, we have shortlisted the top 5 mobile apps that can help you to get your body in shape for a better look and healthy life. 

1. C25K: 

One simple, yet most important exercise to improve health is running. It is one of the best exercises to keep your body active and healthy. The question is from where to start and how to build up your running routine to make most of its benefits. 

Couch to 5K app is there to help you with this. This app brings a free eight-week plan for you to get you in a shape where you can run in the race as well. It offers three workouts every week for you to learn and get yourself on the run. 

This app is available free on Android and iOS with some optional in-app purchase features. 

2. Blogilates: 

This app gives you access to the Blogilates videos of Cassy Ho, the famous fitness expert from America, at one place on your mobile. You can watch the video and follow the instructions to get your body into a shape you desire. 

This app also offers a monthly workout calendar and an online forum where you can discuss the fitness issues with the community. 

This is a free app available on both Android and iOS with some features that you can purchase if there is any requirement. 

3. Sworkit: 

To better understand your customized exercises for fitness goals, switch to Sworkit. Download this app and let it know the type of workout and the amount of time you got. Sworkit suggests you the best moves according to the details you share. This option of customizing moves makes you achieve your fitness goals is a smarter way. 

The standard app is free and available on iOS and Android, but with a premium option, you can have more personalized settings for your moves. These personalized settings include options such as body parts you want to focus on and the number of reps. 

4. Daily Yoga: 

Yoga is the best option to keep both your body and mind in shape. But too many people find it difficult to know where to start. 

Daily Yoga is one of the best apps available on iOS and Android for you to get started. It offers fifty plus online yoga classes in HD video. Other than these classes it has a large library with detailed videos that explain more than 500 poses. 

5. Endomondo: 

This app is for you if you think you can remain fit only through cardio exercises. Download this app and a virtual trainer is waiting for you to guide you to meet your fitness goals. 

Set your goals for your walk, run, or bike ride. According to those goals, your virtual trainer will keep track of your progress and let you know if you need to speed up or do something else to achieve your goals. 


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