5 Best Outdoor Wall Décor Ideas

Updated on April 7, 2021

Do you like spending most of the time outdoors? If yes, then you must decorate your outdoor walls with unique ideas to refresh the space.

Everyone is concerned about making the interior beautiful and often forget about the exterior walls. The outdoor space is equally important as indoor, so you should never compromise with outdoor decoration.

One of the best ways to create an impressive outdoor is to decorate the exterior or patio walls. Following are some ways in which you can beautify the outdoor walls of your home:

Give Personal Touch to Outdoor Spaces

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You can make your outdoor walls unique and personal by hanging your favourite pictures on the wall. Whether you love plants, animals, monuments, or anything, consider hanging wall art on the walls of outdoor space.

This will create a personalized space and add a unique charm to your exterior. It creates a beautiful patio wall with various art pieces for everyone to enjoy. If large art pieces are your choice, you can check large artwork here.

Go for Framed Canvas Prints

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When looking for wall art for the outdoor area, it is important that it should be water-resistant. This is where framed wall prints come in handy. The canvas prints with waterproof frame will not get damaged during the rainy season and will increase the beauty of your garden too.

Framed canvas artwork is very popular and is in trend as well. Consider hanging a large framed art or small frames in a group to create a unique outdoor decoration.

Consider Hanging Pots


You can add more greenery to your outdoor space by hanging potted plants in style. This is an easy and quick way to transform your blank outdoor area into something attractive and welcoming.

The best part is that it takes less time and money as well. Moreover, hanging potted plants increase the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Consider a Wall Mural

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Murals add a new aspect to any outdoor space and can take the beauty of exterior to the next level. Using special paints, you can create designs that add color and depth to your outdoor area. Further, you can also consider hanging a mural painting on the walls of the outdoor space.

Everyone who enters your house will be amazed to see your outdoor decoration, including the mural art.

Do Not Forget The Macrame Magic


Macrame is a great décor piece that looks best on every style wall. It complements every wall art in the outdoor and can match every wall color. You can use the macramé in a variety of ways to amp up the beauty of your patio or garden.

Also, it is a great option to hang on the balcony for making the exterior look more attractive and impressive.

Final Words

If you want to create a party-ready ambience outside the home, focus on the decoration of the exterior walls. Take the help from the above ideas for wall decoration of outdoor space.

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