4 Tips to Cleaning Around Your Home

Updated on December 6, 2022
Cleaning Your Home Tips

You should keep your home clean, not only on the inside but also on the outside. Your driveway, patio, deck, and other outdoor surfaces should be as clean as possible to keep your home inviting and livable. The places we listed are the most common for dirt, stains, and grime to take place.

1. Pressure-Wash the Hard Surfaces

Outdoor hard surfaces such as driveways, patios, fences, and decks can be difficult to clean by scrubbing due to the amount of dirt, stains, and grime accumulated over time. However, you can remove this dirt instantly by pressure washing the surfaces.

To make cleaning easier and loosen stubborn dirt, you can add detergent to the cleaning water. Make sure you use appropriate detergent for the surface you are cleaning, whether stone, wood, or metal.

Remember that softer and wood surfaces such as siding should not be cleaned using very high pressure to prevent damage. You should clean such surfaces by soft washing, applying low pressure, and using suitable solutions.

You can always use pressure washing services from this Tallahassee company to clean your outdoors.

2. Remember the Repairs

One way to ensure your outdoors remains spotlessly clean is to repair the damaged parts. The driveway, fence or roof could be damaged, and cleaning alone may not restore it to its original state.

Different weather changes can cause damage to the roof. Check if there are any missing or torn shingles. Check leaks on plumbing vents, around chimneys, and on other openings. If there are any gaps, fill them using roofing cement. Clean the roof by removing sticks, leaves and other rubbish that may have accumulated against porches and chimneys.

Driveways and sidewalks are also prone to damage; you should repair them while cleaning. Remove weeds and grass before you start cleaning. Use the pressure washer to clean. If there are any holes or cracks, patch them up. If the surface is concrete, use a concrete resurfacer.

3. Clean the Gutters and Windows

Leaves tend to land in gutters, not only in the fall but also in spring and summer. Therefore, when cleaning around the home, remember to clean the gutters by removing leaves and scraping the dirt. Check if the downspouts are clogged by running water. Unclog if necessary.

While at it, check if the gutter joints have leaks. Seal the cracks that may appear in the seams using a gutter sealant.

Windows also tend to hoard a lot of dirt, especially during spring when there is pollen. Clean them up. You can mix water and white vinegar on a 50/50 basis to make a cleaning mixture, and then use newspapers to clean.

4. Remember the Lawn and Flowerbeds

The lawn is likely to have weeds and leaves while possibly overgrown. Perhaps it forms a larger part of your outdoors. Clean it up by removing the weeds and raking the leaves. In case it is overgrown, mow it to the desired size.

Also, tidy the flowerbeds to make them look neat. Add mulch or rake the existing one to give it a clean look.


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