4 Reasons That People Vape

Updated on October 15, 2019
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Photo by Ruslan Alekso from Pexels

Vaping has been going on for a couple of years now and the reasons as to why people vape have been changing.  The emergence of electronic cigarettes introduced the concept of vaping which is basically smoking electronic cigarettes. Different people vape for different reasons and these are some of the four main reasons as to why many people vape.

1. To Quit Smoking

The primary reason for most people to smoke electronic cigarettes is a way of quitting smoking altogether. Traditional cigarettes are highly addictive and the chemicals included are unregulated. Vaping offers smokers a pathway to a much healthier smoking experience since vaping is usually 95% safer as compared to traditional cigarettes.  Vaping allows one to slowly regulate the amount of nicotine which they put into their bodies and the more they reduce the nicotine intake then it becomes much easier to quit smoking altogether. This is because the nicotine liquid comes in three major strengths where there is one which is strong with high nicotine level, medium to the low nicotine level. Someone looking to quit will gradually reduce the nicotine strength to a point where their nicotine fix is relatively small and eventually quit smoking.  

2. Vaping is cheap

Vaping or smoking electronic cigarettes is by far much cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. This is because once you have purchased the electronic device then all one will be doing refilling the e-liquid on a regular basis. A pack of e-liquid or even a single bottle is equivalent to over 40 traditional cigarettes. Doing the math you find that vaping is much cheaper as the cost of the liquid pack is by far very cheap as compared to buying actual cigarettes. This means that one is vaping cheap and spending less money.

3. Healthy alternative

The other major reason as to why people opt to vape is simply because they are much healthier as compared to traditional cigarettes. The reason for this is that one is able to regulate the nicotine intake. The other good thing about electronic cigarettes is that they do not contain many of the cancer-causing chemicals and carcinogen. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar and even though they too can be addictive they are not as addictive as the traditional cigarettes. This means that the health complication associated with electronic cigarettes are much fewer as they are much safer.

4. Flavours

The other reason as to why many people vape is because they get to enjoy some of their most favourite flavours. This is because e-liquid which contain nicotine and used for vaping can come in a wide variety. This is unlike traditional cigarettes which are available in only taste which is tobacco. Many people especially young people like the wide variety of flavours which are contained such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, alcohol, mint and cherry among other kinds of flavours. This availability of wide variety of flavours is what many people want to feel and it can only happen with electronic cigarettes.


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