4 Most Common Primary Healthcare Concerns

Updated on May 26, 2021

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Primary Healthcare or Essential Healthcare focuses on the broader aspects of health and wellbeing. This includes comprehensive integrated health services that embrace primary care as well as public health goods. Most primary health concerns are provided in a community setting such as a general practice or dental clinic. The wide array of services include:

  1. Diagnosis and immediate care to people with specific health concerns
  2. Preventing any further complication in an existing condition
  3. Early and quick intervention in case of emergencies
  4. Managing an incident in an ongoing, long term condition

Usually, people are very familiar with their primary health care providers also known as their general practitioners but primary healthcare may also include the services of allied health professionals such as dentists, podiatrists, and physiotherapists. In this article, we will explore the most common primary health care concerns and some tips to prevent them or manage them till the time the doctor is ready to see you. 

  1. Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the most common concerns of people in developed or developing nations due to which they rush to the primary health care units. This condition occurs when a constant high throbbing of the blood pressure damages the artery walls over a considerable period. Hypertension is when the blood pressure is above 140/90 and is considered in the severe range if it is 180/120. Now the usual prevention tip is to eat a diet with low sodium and exercising regularly. However, if you want to manage the condition before reaching the primary health care unit, you could start taking deep breaths and lie down flat on a surface. Once you have certain control over your breathing, you must rush to a physician immediately. The exorbitant primary care costs should not be of much concern if you become a Multimed-USA member with their Cheap Health Insurance Plan for Miami residents.

  1. Upper respiratory tract infection

This is an illness caused by acute infection affecting the entire upper respiratory tract. The symptoms are often mild but sometimes may require medical attention. Some of them are blockage of nasal passage, painful itchiness in the throat, inflammation of the pharynx or larynx among others, and the common cold. This is spread easily. The infection comes with a deadline of two weeks and must be examined if it lasts more than that. Management before rushing to Primary healthcare can include steam inhalation or gargling, and nasal decongestants. In the case of fever analgesics like acetaminophen and NSAIDs can be administered under the doctor’s supervision. 

  1. Depression or anxiety

Depression is a mental health disorder wherein the mood of the people gets impaired leading to loss of interest in activities and a general decrement in the quality of life. Anxiety, in general, is the body’s response to stress, however, as a mental disorder, this is characterized by feelings of worry and breathlessness, fear, etc. with a tendency to disrupt normal activities. According to a statistic, about 40 million American adults aged 18 or above suffer from anxiety every year making it one of the most common ailments. The treatment for depression or anxiety is elaborate and includes counselling or therapy combined with medicines like antidepressants. 

  1. Back pain 

Physical discomfort in the spinal area or the back can be referred to as back pain. It may or may not be caused due to an underlying disease. However, one should watch out for strenuous exercises, lifting too much, prolonged sitting or lying down, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. These activities only aggravate the symptoms. One must rush to the primary health care unit in case the condition does not improve with taking adequate rest, after an injury or fall, if it is accompanied by fever, or unexplained weight loss. Pain relievers can be used for temporary relief until the underlying cause is discovered in the primary unit. In case you are looking to avail of primary health care services for back pain at a discounted rate, then you must Sign-up a cheap health insurance plan. 


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