4 Fun Hobbies For Seniors To Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy

Updated on July 8, 2021

Many people in their younger years may have considered their hobbies a form of relaxation, enjoyment, entertainment, and sometimes diversion from the hectic, real world. But as one ages, their lifestyle, diet, habits, and as well as hobbies will also change. As one’s reaching their golden years; it’s said that their body’s endurance will slowly decline as they may not be able to withstand longer periods of physical activity like they used to.  

But even so, just because you’re in your golden years doesn’t mean you’ll be spending the rest of your days sitting in corners and merely staring at the window. It’d help if you still perform adequate physical activities, especially since your physical and mental health needs it more than ever. Moreover, seniors are said to be prone to anxiety and depression since they tend to put themselves in isolation and experience extreme loneliness. As the experts mention here https://synergymentalwellness.com/mood/, there are possible treatments to help cope with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. But at the same time, additional physical activities can help alleviate the symptoms more effectively.

Instead of isolating yourself from the rest and reminiscing your younger days, why not use your preserved energy for something productive and helpful? This is the right time for you to start new pastimes, which not only will lift your mood and keep you busy, but will also have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.  

Below are four fun hobbies for seniors to help them stay physically and mentally healthy. 

  1. Participate In A Walking Club 

Going for a walk for even 10-15 minutes a day can already bring numerous benefits to your health. Moreover, it’s also a light exercise that is easily manageable and doable for senior adults. As you do your daily walk, it allows you to relax and savor nature’s fresh air and view. The calmness and relaxation you get from walking may, therefore, help alleviate anxiety, stress and boost your mood. 

Moreover, walking also helps you maintain a healthy weight, develop better body coordination and balance, and enhance your cardiovascular health. Aside from the physical benefits that seniors can reap from walking, it can also be a social activity. You can sign up for a walking club organized in your community or neighborhood. This way, you can do this hobby together with your other senior friends. 

You may visit wordtothewise.life and other social platforms to help you stay connected with your friends and keep track of your social appointments and group activities with them. 

  1. Adopting And Caring A Pet 

Another fulfilling and enjoyable hobby for seniors is adopting and caring for a pet. Whether it’s a bird, a dog, or a cat, caring for a pet is proven to help older people feel better while keeping them physically active. Pets also offer a sense of companionship, and just having them around can already make seniors feel comfortable and at ease. Other notable benefits you can get from taking care of a pet include: 

  • Frequent physical activity from taking your pet for a walk, playing with them, or giving them a bath;
  • Can help decrease blood pressure and heart rate; 
  • May reduce depression and anxiety for seniors; and, 
  • Provides companionship and may reduce the feeling of loneliness or isolation. 

When you have a senior loved one, make sure you pick a suitable pet for your senior parent’s mobility, safety, and capability.  

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  1. Home Gardening 

Is there anything more consoling and soothing than a garden? Just being surrounded by the fresh blooms and colors you see in your home garden can help alleviate human stress and anxiety. How much more if you tend them and watch them grow closely? It’s believed that gardening brings numerous benefits for senior adults. Some of the mental and physical benefits that seniors can gain from engaging in gardening include: 

  • Exposure to fresh air;
  • A light activity which helps in keeping them fit and active; 
  • Reduce stress levels;  
  • Exercises the mind;  
  • Good source of fresh and nutritious produce; and,  
  • Give a sense of fulfillment and purpose. 

Gardening will also give seniors an excellent reason to get up early and be active in the morning to tend and water their plants. As soon as this activity becomes part of your routine, it can become addictive, and you may want to fill your garden with more variety of flowers and plants. Overall, gardening is among the most popular hobbies believed to be a great fit for older people.  

  1. Play Puzzles And Other Board Games 

Senior adults also love competition every once in a while, so why not make it a hobby? Since seniors cannot engage in intense physical sports anymore, you can still go for easier and more manageable games such as puzzles and board games. Board games are a perfect way to exercise your minds while at the same time socializing and having fun with other players. You can go for chess, scrabble, crossword puzzles, checkers, and more!  

Wrap Up 

Fun and enjoyable hobbies can enhance a senior’s physical health, restore their self-confidence, boost their mental health, and give them a sense of purpose. If you’re a close family member of a senior adult, you can encourage your senior loved ones to do any of these fun hobbies listed above and help them make the most of their golden years. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to provide your emotional support by endlessly encouraging them to continue pursuing their chosen hobbies and provide them with resources when needed.

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