4 Common Health Issues to Watch Out for When You Are an Aging Citizen

Updated on April 29, 2021
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Getting old is part of life. Hence, it becomes more than essential for us to take good care of our minds and body. Working out, eating the proper meals, and regular checkups with your doctor are some of the things you need to embed into your routine to keep living a long and healthy life. 

These are the three pillars of healthy lifestyle choices that you need to make right now. And these three factors become even more vital for your health when you are an aging senior. 

Following this simple routine will give you more reasons to enjoy your life and fewer reasons to worry about it. Even so, some things are not always under control. Sooner or later, a health problem will arise that can take you by surprise and will make you think about life choices. 

However, most of these problems are a part of the aging process, and if you are aware of them, you can save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety. In this article, you’ll find some of the most common health issues that may arise from old age. With the help of this guide, you get the benefit of awareness. 

So, if you ever find anything out of the ordinary, you can immediately consult your family doctor and start finding a quick solution. Here are the most common health issues to watch out for when you are an aging citizen. So without any ado, let’s get started:

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract Infections (UTIs) are one of the most common health issues faced by seniors today. It is caused by bacterial infections, and if not treated on time, it can spread to the kidneys and create severe health problems for the patient. 

Research shows that UTIs are more common in the female population than male counterparts. Almost half the female population has to go through this problem at least once in their lifetime. And doctors have found that Urinary Tract Infections tend to recur if not taken care of correctly the first time. Hence it becomes crucial that you seek expert health advice if you find yourself dealing with this severe health problem. 


Dementia is an illness of the mind. It covers a wide range of medical conditions, including the infamous Alzheimer’s disease. Health issues that come under this category are caused by irregular changes in the brain of the patient. As a result, the patient goes through multiple problems, such as memory loss and the slower thinking process that can severely affect their everyday lives. 

Additionally, dementia is a progressive health issue that can affect a tiny portion of your brain and finish taking control over all major brain functions. Dementia is particularly in aging seniors and can even happen to people over the age of 60.

Here are a few of the common signs of dementia that you should look for:

  • Memory loss.
  • Disorientation.
  • Lack of initiative.
  • Language problems.
  • Frequent changes in moods and personality.

If you find yourself dealing with any of these symptoms, seek immediate guidance to deal with this problem. And try to stop it at the earliest stage possible.  

Chronic Pain

When you are aging, chronic pain becomes a massive problem in your mobility. Seniors all over the world have to go through this health issue as they age. It can happen due to many reasons, such as weight gain, lack of physical activity, a passive job where you seldom have to move. 

The more reasons you’ll be giving your body not to move, the more parts of your body will show the signs of chronic pain. As a result, you begin to feel uncomfortable with even a tiny amount of physical activity.

To get rid of this problem, try to adopt a more active lifestyle. You can start by going on morning walks. If you feel comfortable doing that, you can push yourself even harder and enroll yourself in a gym. It is becoming a more popular choice among the aging population worldwide. 

However, if you still find yourself dealing with chronic pains even with a lack of physical activity. Consult your doctor soon, and get the necessary treatment. 


Diabetes is a widespread disease in people above the age of 60 years. Half of the world population which is suffering from this health issue is above this age. And to add more to your woes, what makes diabetes even more problematic is that it is a lifelong condition. It’s because your body (pancreas) stops producing enough insulin, or your body becomes resistant to the insulin it’s producing. Two types of diabetes can affect your health:

Type 1: It’s an autoimmune condition. Your body starts attacking the cells that create insulin. As a result, your body does not get the required amount of insulin, which causes severe health issues. 

Type 2: It is pretty similar to type 1 diabetes. In this condition, too, your body stops producing insulin. However, even if your body produces insulin, your body becomes resistant to it. It is a more common type of diabetes among the two – affecting more than 90 percent of diabetics worldwide. 

That said, there are still some ways you can effectively deal with this problem. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Healthy and nutritious diet – Following a healthy diet can significantly lower the impact of diabetes. By adding a good amount of fiber to your diet and decreasing the sugar intake, you can create a healthy diet routine for yourself. 
  • Taking time to exercise – Working out is beneficial to deal with this particular health issue and also can be effective in dealing with a lot of different health issues. However, when you include exercise into your daily routine, it’ll help you manage your weight. Which plays an important role in controlling diabetes.   

To Sum it Up

It’s natural to face health-related issues as you begin to age. However, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence as they get worse over time. The best way to deal with these health problems is by addressing them as soon as possible. So you get plenty of time to deal with or even cure these health issues. 

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