4 Backyard Hobbies That Are Perfect To Try This Spring

Updated on March 17, 2021
4 Backyard Hobbies That Are Perfect To Try This Spring

Birds are chirping and the snow is finally melting in many backyards across the country—these are the sure signs that spring is here. Finding new ways to use your backyard can be difficult as a senior; you may have already tried every springtime hobby under the sun. If you’re searching for a new way to keep yourself occupied, check out one of these four backyard hobbies that are perfect to try this spring.


Have you ever stopped to watch and listen to the different types of wildlife in the areas around your home? Birds become active in the spring as they work tirelessly to build their nests. Learn about the birds native to your backyard and put up a feeder to attract them. You don’t need a pair of binoculars to sit on your deck or patio and watch birds flutter about collecting nesting materials and food.

If you become invested in their business, try setting aside nesting materials to persuade them to settle nearby. Natural fibers, such as chopped straw and grass clippings, make for excellent bird nesting material. Don’t leave out any unnatural fibers or fibers longer than an inch! Long strands can tangle bird feet and cause tragedy in the nest.

Start Raising Chickens

Chicken raising is one of the most rewarding backyard hobbies; it provides you with new pets and a source of eggs. Spring is the time when chickens become most active and begin laying eggs, making it one of the best times to start up a coop. Chicken coops do require some routine maintenance, making it one of the more intensive backyard hobbies. Despite the hard work they require, chickens are some of the most rewarding animals to keep in your yard and they’ll keep you occupied for years to come.

Painting Outdoors

Anyone can paint, even if they’ve never done it before. Keep precious memories of your home by painting something every day. Start small. You won’t create a masterpiece after one day of painting. Watch a tutorial online to get an idea of how to use your paint or simply play around with colors, textures, and brushstrokes. Develop your own art style as you learn new techniques by practicing.


The most popular of these four backyard hobbies is gardening. Gardens give you your own canvas to grow whatever you want—flowers, fruits, vegetables—you name it. If you want to avoid back pain and intense work, consider creating a landscaping flower bed or rain garden with natural flora from your area. These plants are well adapted to their native environment and may only require occasional watering. Native fauna will appreciate the familiar plants and use them for nesting or sustenance.

Whichever hobby you choose will jazz up your regular retirement routine and add some excitement to your day. Get creative with the time you spend around the house!

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