3 Therapeutic Effects of Marijuana

Updated on December 23, 2021

Marijuana has been used for ages by many people for its potential therapeutic effects. However, it’s only just becoming legal in more states around the United States. To date, 18 states have legalized marijuana use for adults, and many are interested in trying it for the various benefits people have reported. So, you may be wondering, “What are these potential therapeutic effects?” That’s why we went to the experts at AmericanMarijuana.org for more information on this topic. American Marijuana is one of the top resources for all things marijuana. They provide an array of information on cannabis and cannabis products, including reviews, guides, and current cannabis industry news.

Before we dive in, you should know that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved marijuana use to treat, prevent, or cure any disease or medical condition. In addition, it’s also crucial that you always consult your primary care physician before starting any new supplement, including marijuana products. With that being said, let’s get started. Today, we’ll cover three therapeutic effects of marijuana.

What is marijuana?


Most people have at least heard of marijuana, but that doesn’t mean everyone really knows what it is. So, before you understand the effects of marijuana, it’s essential to understand what it even is.

Marijuana is a plant from the cannabis family, like hemp. However, marijuana differs from hemp in that it contains high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is responsible for the “high” feeling that marijuana provides. There are two primary source plants for marijuana: cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Marijuana is most often identified in its harvested form, the dried flowers, also known as buds. Marijuana buds can be smoked, vaped, or used in cooking. Marijuana use dates back centuries and has been most commonly used recreationally, medicinally, and spiritually. However, much more research is needed to determine the effects of this plant.

1. Marijuana could be potentially helpful in dealing with discomfort.


Numerous studies and user reports have shown that marijuana use may be helpful to people who are dealing with discomfort. Whether this discomfort originates in the muscles, bones, or joints, marijuana may be of some help.

Many of the people participating in these studies mentioned they felt like their discomfort had subsided to some degree after using marijuana. However, many also reported little to no change. So, it appears that this effect may vary from person to person in varying degrees of effectiveness. Therefore, further research is necessary to determine how well marijuana could work in helping people with discomfort.

2. Some people dealing with occasional sleeplessness may find a solution in marijuana.


It’s no surprise that this effect made its way onto the list. Many people who have used marijuana or marijuana products have said it makes them feel sleepy. Sleep is crucial to our mental and physical health, so sleeplessness can take a toll on anyone over time.

So, researchers are currently studying this effect and how it may help those dealing with occasional sleeplessness find rest. The science behind these studies suggests that the various cannabinoids present in marijuana may calm the central nervous system, which may aid sleep regularity. However, more studies are needed to produce any conclusive results linking marijuana with sleep.

3. Marijuana products might be helpful for those dealing with an occasionally overactive mind.


The effects of marijuana on an overly active mind or occasional anxiousness are pretty similar to its impact on sleeplessness. As research suggests that marijuana may produce a calming effect on the central nervous system, this effect may also benefit occasional anxiousness.

Unfortunately, an overly active mind is something many people worldwide deal with regularly. However, as more research is conducted, they may find some relief through marijuana products. As of now, though, more research is needed to produce any conclusive evidence on this effect.

If you want to know more about the therapeutic effects of marijuana, browse through the resources on the American Marijuana website and speak with your doctor to discover if it is the right solution for your needs.

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