3 Home Improvement Tips for Seniors

Updated on April 20, 2020

Many seniors don’t like the idea of moving after retirement. Many prefer to stay at the home that they are used to and is filled with lots of great memories. Ageing in your long-term home is a good idea, and it can actually be a better choice if one has friends and family members living nearby. However, as one ages, the body weakens. Feeling weaker than one was during their younger years is a normal part of ageing. And, with your decreasing strength and mobility, the home that once was perfect to live in may soon turn out to be uncomfortable or even unsafe. Housekeeping can get tough too, especially if your home is large.

In light, if you are considering home remodelling after retirement, think about the years to come. To ensure your home improvement projects will transform your home into a comfortable place to live in your old age, consider the following tips. 

Think About Safety

Remodelling for safety is important because it allows one to remain independent for a very long time. With grab bars in the bathroom, one can easily wash without relying on others for help in and out of the shower. Most importantly, remodelling for safety will reduce the risk of accidents. Some other safety modifications to consider include replacing slippery floors, reducing the number of steps on the property, installing wider doors and fitting extra lighting. When shopping for your home improvement supplies, go for items that are designed with senior safety in mind. For instance, when shopping for a bathroom remodel, consider Age UK’s walk in showers range for an independent bathroom experience.

Don’t Forget Convenience and Comfort

Another thing you should consider is convenience and comfort. You should be able to enjoy your home without too much physical effort. Making your home ‘smart’ can save you lots of energy. It can also automatically do menial tasks that you may increasingly forget to do over the years, such as turning off the lights after you leave a room or turning on and off the sprinklers. Another way to insure convenience is to purchase a home warranty to save on expenses for the inevitable expenses that come with normal wear and tear.

Work With Qualified People

When doing major projects around the house, work with people who are qualified to do the job. Hire contractors with the right experience and a good reputation, and don’t forget to check if they have met all the legal requirements. DIY should be avoided except for areas where you are an expert. Working with an experienced contractor will give you better results and the job will be done safely. DIY can not only cause damage to your property, but they may also leave you with injuries as well. 

Make Sure You Can Afford It

Before you start any home improvement project, check your finances well. Don’t spend all your savings or retirement money on the project. Also, avoid going into any debt you will not afford to pay. Make a budget, and keep in mind what you can spend comfortably to renovate your home. If you are using your savings, let it be a small portion of it. And, if you are not sure if you will be spending much time in this house, don’t use too much money to renovate it. 

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