3 Essential Tips for Traveling with a Cane

Updated on March 26, 2023
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Traveling can simultaneously involve a lot of fun and a lot of stress. Your stress may be amplified if you use a cane. But if that’s the case for you, don’t let it ruin your trip. Follow these tips for traveling with a cane so that you can have a delightful time—free of setbacks.

Use a Foldable Cane

Since you will be in close quarters with other people in the airport and on the plane, it may help to purchase a foldable cane so that you can easily stow it away when needed. This portability will also come in handy when you go through airport security. You can’t take your cane with you when you put all your belongings through the X-ray machine, and usually, you need to put them into bins before they pass through. A foldable cane will fit nicely along the conveyer belt as it goes through the X-ray. When you’ve emerged on the other side of the security check, you can then easily pull it out and use it once again.

Check with the Airline

Complications due to your cane are the last thing you want to deal with when you’re traveling. It’s already stressful getting to your destination with all the steps and time involved, so you should check with your airline ahead of time with regards to their cane policies. Most of the time, you should be fine to bring a cane on the plane. Sometimes, though, you may have to give your cane to a flight attendant so that it can be stored in another section of the plane after you’ve boarded. Alternatively, it may just be fine to fold up your cane and put it in your carry-on bag nearby. Knowing these details beforehand will make your journey much smoother.

Be Comfortable with Bags

Any prolonged stay far from home necessitates some baggage. Remember that traveling will involve a good deal of walking, so be prepared to carry or pull your bags while also getting around with the aid of your cane. You should double-check that you know how to walk safely with a cane so that you won’t be at greater risk of falling when you have to take bags with you. You might practice with some bags at home before you go jetting off to a new location.

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