3 Alternative Housing Ideas for Retirees

Updated on May 7, 2020
3 Alternative Housing Ideas for Retirees

What do you picture when you think about your retirement home? Do you imagine aging in the same home you live now? Do you think of crisp, clean assisted living facilities? While there are certainly benefits to either of these popular options, you’re not limited to them. There are endless unique and enjoyable housing opportunities for seniors. If you’re looking for a living situation that suits you perfectly, check out these alternative housing ideas for retirees.

Niche Communities

Niche communities offer a unique twist on traditional retirement communities because they draw in residents with common interests. These communities might house residents who share a culture, religion, or other major life experiences. Alternatively, people might join a community based on a hobby like golfing, art, or carpentry. Niche communities allow you to continue living independently while surrounded by a community of like-minded peers.

House Sharing

Young adults aren’t the only ones who can live in a house with their friends. Renting an apartment or moving in with other people your age is one of the simplest yet most entertaining alternative housing ideas for retirees. Living with roommates is a great way to split the cost of housing—along with your routine household chores—when you can’t or don’t want to move in with family members. Plus, there’s something special about getting to live with your friends. From fun conversations over brunch to laid back movie nights, your roommates can become some of your greatest companions throughout your golden years.


Just because you retire doesn’t mean you have to settle down in one place. If there is still a lot of the world you want to explore, the RV life might be perfect for you. There are a few important considerations to make before deciding to RV full-time, but the opportunity to travel and see the world is worth it. Plus, the price of campgrounds and other expenses is almost always cheaper than rent or a mortgage—especially if you buy your RV used and keep it in good shape.