2013 Fall Reading List

Updated on October 10, 2022
Photo Credit: v.maxi via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: v.maxi via Compfight cc

Ah, the lazy days of summer have finally given away to brisk, colorful autumn days.  To celebrate, we are very excited to announce our first annual Fall Reading List for our readers. The list below contains some of the most entertaining and/or enriching books to read this fall. Read anything good lately? Let us know in the comments!

Carol’s Alzheimer’s Journey

When most people thing of love that sustains through Alzheimer’s disease, they think of The Notebook, but the reality of this disease’s effect on relationships is not something we often see. In his new book Carol’s Alzheimer’s Journey, Donald H. Ford details his courtship, relationship and marriage with his “dream girl” Carol and how they handled her Alzheimer’s diagnosis as a team. Ford has a Ph.D. in psychology and worked with Carol to develop a plan of care that would take care of her physical needs while ensuring that she lived a satisfying life, despite her illness.

Anxiety 101: The Holistic Approach to Managing Your Anxiety and Taking Back Your Life

This book presents readers with an overview of the condition that affects approximately sixteen million Americans and provides a comprehensive list of the wide variety of integrative holistic treatment options available. Dr. Eudene Harry combines her experience in modern medicine and passion for holistic care in this handbook for anyone who suffers from anxiety. Dr. Harry has practiced medicine for more than 20 years and is currently the medical director of Oasis Wellness & Rejuvenation Center, an integrative holistic lifestyle clinic in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Harry is board certified in both emergency and holistic medicine, and completed her medical degree and residency at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. She is the author of two books: Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps (July 2012) and Anxiety 101 (June 2013). For more information, visit www.livinghealthylookingyounger.com.


At one point or another you’ve probably stepped back to look at your life and thought “is this all there is?” In Stuck by Stacey D. Atkinson, she introduces readers to Odette Leblanc – a 23-year-old store clerk – whose recent “promotion” to supervisor brings the mundane predictability of her life into sharp focus. But everything changes when Odette meets a mysterious doryman and his cat on the beach, followed by an unexpected run-in with an American sailor. Each man will undeniably change the course of her life, and so will the selfish actions of her bingo-addicted mother, an impressionable younger sister, and a team of damaged co-workers. Author Stacey D. Atkinson was born and raised in a rural village in New Brunswick, Canada, where she lived with her mother, sister and a pack of cats in an old farmhouse with acres of land for roaming. She later moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to attend art college, where she met her husband, David. She now lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with frequent trips home to the Maritimes. For more information, visit http://www.staceydatkinson.com.

It Really Is That Complicated

It Really Is That Complicated, by Charles Rawlings, reveals that relationships are nearly doomed from the start! There is a natural conflict that inevitably develops once two individuals enter into a romantic relationship. Rawlings offers his thoughts on this widespread travesty, and why it may not mean the death of marriage after all.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda: A Mother’s Lessons, Learnings, and Insights from her Daughter’s Battle with Cancer

Kenna Marriott and her daughter had planned to coauthor a book about the struggles of living with cancer. Unfortunately, the two never got the chance to make this dream a reality. On May 24, 2008, Marriott’s daughter, Jeannine, succumb to her illness after a courageous seven and a half year battle. Driven by grief, recovery and a desire to help others while paying tribute her daughter, Marriott penned Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda; a story of the lessons learned and insights gained from her daughter’s battle with cancer. “This book brings up challenges that are often not discussed, including the stress of continuous treatments and hospitalizations on the patients and family, the impact of cancer on self-esteem, relationships with children and even the sex life of a couple impacted by cancer.”

Mindshift: Your Life Doesn’t Have to Suck

What can help you lose weight, quit smoking, sleep better and become more organized? For more than 20 years, Dr. Marty Lerman has used hypnotherapy to help clients make positive changes in their lives. He writes about his experiences in the new book MindshiftClients experienced changes such as the elimination of phobias, staying focused at work and changes in overall attitude and more. Hypnosis can also be used to foster positive health and lifestyle changes such as weight loss, major stress reduction and improved sexual performance. Mindshift is a roadmap to unlocking the unconscious mind and making unprecedented life changes.

Trying to Catch the Wind

Trying to Catch the Wind by Josef Ferri, tells the true story of the author’s one-true love, whom he is unable to be with. Set against the political and social upheaval of the 1960s, Ferri recounts his own struggle to find love and happiness in a tumultuous and chaotic personal world.

On one fateful evening in his youth, Joe instantly gets enthralled with a young woman as he spots her from across the room. After sharing anything but a typical teenage conversation, the two realize that there is something powerful occurring. As the two young lovers began what would hopefully become a long-lasting, loving relationship, fate and destiny intervened. From the night of their innocent and romantic first date a short time later, these star crossed lovers were faced with huge obstacles. The two were nearly killed by a drunk driver while returning from their first date riding on Joe’s motorcycle.

Journey with Ferri as he takes you back to the most memorable and heartbreaking time of his life in Trying to Catch the Wind.

Josef N. Ferri is a lifelong resident of Buffalo, N.Y. and has taught for six years in the English Department at the University of Buffalo.

The Garnet Ring

After a disastrous abusive marriage, author Jean Farwell could not believe her luck the second time around when she married the love of her life. Luck ran out when her husband contracted three deathly autoimmune diseases. Jean had no medical training, but she did have something stronger – the love and devotion to her husband. The Garnet Ring: From Honeymooner to Caretaker with Love, details the miraculous ways she was able to keep him alive years after what the doctors predicted. “People should not give up on love, even though you’ve been hurt in the past,” Jean says. “I believe many of us often can do more than we ever dreamed of, when we have the right inspiration to do so.”

Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life

Take a life changing journey with Katherine Parker and her debut book Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life (Balboa Press) that begins with a spontaneous out-of-body experience, an encounter with celestial Light Beings and a mysterious gift of coded information and concludes with a new understanding of the seven stages of inner alchemy and a simple yet profound process of alchemical transformation that can be used to transform any life situation, moving the practitioner from the “lead” of a consciousness of separation to the “inner gold” of unity with their own Divine Nature.

Woman, Can I Tell You Why?

Wedding season is up and running. Sadly with over half ending in divorce, perhaps having answers to some crucial questions would aid in saving some of those relationships. Harlon Bell’s new book, Woman, Can I Tell You Why? is a book for those who seek to get on the path to better decisions, relationships and life. Bell’s goal is to empower and engage people in healthy conversations about relationships. Woman, Can I Tell You Why? provides unbiased content that covers nearly two hundred questions on topics that touch the lives of every woman, single or married. For men and women alike, Woman, Can I Tell You Why? is a riveting book that will answer your own “whys” of life.

The Ride, the Rose, and the Resurrection

In June 2007, David Stieler and his wife, Carole, were victims of a hit-and-run motorcycle accident that left Carole with a serious traumatic brain injury, and David facing possible amputation of his foot. At first David regarded the accident as a tragic, unbelievable experience but the closer he examined the events prior to and following the incident the more the crisis felt like a story about miracles of faith and healing that he was supposed to tell. The Vow, a movie based on one couple’s real life story following a serious automobile accident that occurred in November 1993, debuted last year as the top movie of the weekend, earning $41.7 million. To author David Stieler that couple’s experience felt eerily similar to his own. The Ride, the Rose, and the Resurrection is a memoir about how one all-American couple overcame a near death hit-and-run motorcycle crash, and found the strength to push forward despite their injuries, subsequent health and emotional issues, and a constant battle with an insensitive insurance bureaucracy whose primary objective was to cut its losses, even if it came at the victim’s expense.

A Bit of Irish Gold

In A Bit of Irish GoldPhyllis Karsnia uses her own family’s love story as inspiration. This fictionalized biography follows Matt Donahue’s journey through oppression, love and freedom. Beginning in 1888, the reader emerges in Matt’s adventure of leaving repressive Ireland to pursue the American Dream and along the way he falls in love with a beautiful young Irish lady, Annie Rice, whose love is put on hold as Matt establishes himself in rural northern Minnesota. Will their love make it across the pond?

Menopausal Killer Sharks 

Author Jan Atkinson is reminding the women of today that menopause doesn’t have to just mean hot flashes, but rather the start of a new adventure. In her new book, Menopausal Killer Sharks the narrative follows four women facing the trials of aging, dating and death, while trying to find what makes them happy in life. These four friends narrate how jiggly butts, saggy breasts and a potpourri of men translate into the golden years of life.

Mac Hacks

Want to take real control of your Mac? Mac Hacks by Chris Seibold (@AppleHacks) will help you dig below the surface to tweak system preferences, mount drives and devices, and generally do things with your system that Apple doesn’t expect you to do. With a little effort, you can make your Mac and its applications perform exactly the way you want them to. There are more than 50 hacks in this book that show you how to fine-tune the interface, work with multimedia, set up your network, boost security, and perform a few tricks with Unix.

On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux

Alone? On a Friday night? With a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a broken heart? No single woman wants to find herself in this discouraging scenario. Yet, many women end up here after following the advice of countless relationship books that tell women that to have the perfect man they must become the perfect woman. In her debut book, On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Prince Without Ever Kissing Another Frog, mental health professional, educator and once certifiable bimbo, Morgan Rose clarifies why the reader chooses men incapable of a conscious relationship, how she can shift her self-sabotaging pattern, and how she can recognize and attract a man capable of what true love requires. On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux weaves together relationship research, therapeutic guidance, women’s true stories, germane quotes and, when appropriate, humor. Rose’s voice as an author sets readers at ease as they dive into a journey into their past in order to find the prince of their future.


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