10 Top Apps Senior Citizens Should Download Now

Updated on March 31, 2021

Apps are not just popular among adults and kids these days. 

Even older people have taken a liking for it as it makes their life easier and more convenient.  Some of the most popular apps used by the elderly include news apps, exercising apps, chat apps, and more to keep up with their daily routines.  

Ok? What if the elderly in the family aren’t tech-savvy? In that case, it becomes our job to persuade them to download at least these apps considering how conducive they are in carrying out our daily routines.  GoodFirms has listed some top app development companies to help you design effective senior citizen apps.  

Here I’ve listed 10 top apps that senior citizens might want to consider: 

#1. Evernote

Even young people keep forgetting things, let alone the aged ones.  So, almost everyone, without fail, including yours truly has resorted to noting down things in a piece of paper or a notebook.  Nonetheless, the problem is you forget where you left that piece of paper. This is where Apps like Evernote come as a great help. 

For starters, Evernote is one of the finest apps out there that could help you keep a note of all things, are on your mind, in one place; so, no more scattering of those scrapbooks and shreds of papers all around the house. The app is good at saving grocery lists, written notes, grandchildren’s wish lists, pictures, videos, and more.   

Additionally, the list can be retrieved through different interfaces. For instance, you may save the list on your desktop, but you could use your phone to check the same at the shop.  

Available on iPhone, iPad, Andriod and desktop. 

#2. MedWatcher 

It goes without saying meditation and exercises are on the top priority list of senior citizens. This app is ideal for scheduling medication and exercises. You get access to drug descriptions, medical uses, and side effects. And since the app developers have created the app in collaboration with the FDA team, any side effect of the drug can be reported directly to the Food and Drug Administration team and get all its functionalities tested and approved.  

Available on Android and iPhone 

#3.  IBP 

Blood Pressure is a common problem among senior citizens. And this comprehensive app makes documenting and monitoring blood pressure effortless. Once the blood pressure is taken, the senior citizens enter their readings into the app. This brings up a customizable color-coded graph that showcases trends and whether the readings are normal or high.  Multiple older adults can use the app.  

Available on Android and iPhone 

#4. Magnifying Glass with Light 

This is a go-to app for senior citizens facing difficulty reading small print. The user just has to position the iOS device’s camera over the text, making the text automatically illuminated and large for easy reading. 

Available on Android and iPhone  

#5. Skype 

If connected with Wi-Fi, the senior citizens can use Skype to stay in touch with the loved ones without any additional charges. The video chat app can also be used to make long-distance calls or send text messages for a lesser cost than using a mobile phone. The app can also be used to make long-distance phone calls and even text messages.   

Available on Android and iPhone 

#6. HealthifyMe    

HealthifyMe helps tailor-make your diet plans, in addition to working as your calorie counter. It also allows for tracking health data and even offers 24X7 expert suggestions.  The app is excellent for maintaining overall health. Further, it’s one of the best exercise apps for seniors and even offers exercise recommendations in keeping with your fitness goals.  The app is free to download. 

 Available on Android and iPhone 

#7. WordBrain 

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are common sicknesses among the aged.  This is where brain training activities in the form of word puzzles can help delay such sickness. WordBrain is one such training app for seniors that keep their mind active through word puzzles. The puzzles grow harder with each level to give thorough exercise to your mind.   

Available on Android and iPhone 

#8. Find my iPhone 

As the name suggests, Find My iPhone helps you find your missing device, while also protecting the data stored on your phone in case of theft. Sign in with your Apple ID, and you can remotely lock the device, display messages to whoever has your phone, play sounds, and even erase the device completely. Find My iPhone safeguards your cell phone and protects your personal information if your phone is stolen or lost. 

Available For: iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone; Free

#9.  Car Finder AR 

It goes without saying that even the most patient drivers fail to locate their car sometimes when it’s parked amid thousands of vehicles.  This is where the Car Finder AR helps you find your parked car with the aid of augmented reality and 3D Google Maps. The app is available on Android. If not on Android, try Anchor Pointer Compass GPS for finding your vehicle on your iPhone.   

#10.  WebMD 

WebMD is an app that offers physician-reviewed health content and also updated information on how to maintain a nutritious lifestyle. The “Healthy Target” section of the app helps you set eating and exercise goals and also actionable insights at the end of every week. You can also enter your symptoms and find out the causes for the same and also common treatments for the diagnoses. 

While the app stores are inundated with senior citizen apps, we have covered the most helpful ones. Help yourself with a few of these, and be assured your life will be easier.  Recommend it to your friends and family too and witness how the world of technology is transforming their world. 

Author bio: Jennifer Warren is the resident wordsmith at GoodFirms – a review and rating company for top app development companies.

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