10 Products to Help You Age in Place

Updated on September 19, 2020

I love gadgets of all kinds.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the small sampling of products listed on the National Aging in Place Council Website that can help you to Age-in-Place comfortably and independently.

The Council periodically updates its Top 10 Products page to keep us informed of the latest innovations being developed.

These are just simple, inexpensive gadgets that can help you or a loved one out around the house, like the Logitech Wireless Keyboard. This is a computer keyboard that will help you reduce eye strain because the lettering is almost four times larger than a conventional keyboard.

Another innovative product is Control Handles, which are soft and comfortable, no-slip grips that can be applied to round faucets and round doorknobs. This product gives you the ability to grip and turn faucets effortlessly.

Tell us what gadgets or products you have come across recently that will help you to Age-in-Place. Are there any products that you wish were out there to make life simpler for you? Share some of your ideas with us.

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