10 Essentials for a Fun a No-Fuss Family Camping Trip With Seniors

Updated on April 30, 2020

Camping is not just a summer pass time anymore. And neither it is meant for only the expert survivors. Perhaps, according to a report, the camping industry has witnessed a surge of 66% in the year 2019. More to it, about 65% of the campers were families.

It means, that more and more people are opting for camping adventures over other sports and activities.

If you’re also planning a camping trip with your family, you need not worry if you don’t ever have been camping.  However, when camping with seniors or elderly parents, you’ll need to keep a few extra precautions. This article lists some of the basic essentials that you can buy for your camping trip with the family. Although most of the items listed below are for everyone, they’ll still be helpful in making sure that the elderly can relax and enjoy the trip without fuss.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at what are these basic essentials.

1. A Tent

The very first thing that you’d need is a tent to sleep in. The essence of camping is to spend your night with nature and out of the comfort of your home. Depending on the size of your family, you should choose a tent that can easily accommodate 3-4 people or more. However, when buying a tent you must look for easy to set up tents with all-weather protection.

2. Sleeping Gear

The next thing that you must be looking forward to is your sleeping gear. Well, you certainly cannot carry all your beddings to the campsite. Neither would it be easy to carry, nor would it be wise to use delicate beddings in the rugged outdoors. So, you should look for affordable sleeping bags with a temperature reading approximately 20 degrees below the expected temperature. Additionally, you should also look for an inflatable mattress to help you keep insulated from below.

3. A Stove

Staying warm in the outdoors is pretty necessary, especially during the colder months. Besides, you need a fire to cook your meals as well. When camping with family, you’d wish to keep your camping site as safe as possible. So, opting for a propane stove would be a wiser solution rather than using your campfire to cook your meals.

4. Some Ready-To-Eat Meal Packages

Of course, you cannot expect a diner out in the wilderness. So, you’ll need to carry your food with you. However, carrying regular ration for camping can be highly exhausting, both in terms of packing and cooking. An easy way out could be to buy some RTE meal packages from your local grocery store. These meal packages are easy to prepare and contain a complete meal for all your family members.

5. Cooler Or Mini-Fridge

If you really wish for a no-fuss camping trip, then you ought to carry a mini-fridge or a cooler with you. For example, you can find a great cooler here: https://www.globosurfer.com/best-small-coolers/. Essentially, in addition to carrying a fridge, you must also carry an emergency power backup with you. You can find more info about backup camping essentials online, which are sure to keep you safe, while also adding to the fun in the outdoors. The idea is to keep your camping essentials sufficient and portable without missing out on the luxurious fun.

6. A First-Aid Kit

Besides all the luxury and fun equipment, you should also prepare yourself for any accidents or injuries. It is important that you must carry a first aid kit to treat any injury. Of course, camping out in the wild is challenging both physically and mentally, and there are always potential dangers out there.

7. Fire Starter Kit

Most of the time, you’d be using your propane stove to cook your meals. But this does not mean that you cannot have a campfire. It would be heartbreaking to miss out on the camping fun without a campfire. The fun story-telling and music activities out in the open are best enjoyed sitting by the campfire. So, you must also carry a fire starter kit with you. Essentially, a fire starter kit should include the fuel to start the fire and a lighter or a matchbox for ignition. Perhaps, if you prefer to keep it more adventurous you can also go for a flint stick apart from a lighter or a matchbox.

8. A Camping Knife

As important as it is to carry first aid and a fire starter kit on a camping trip, a knife would also make up for an essential addition. You never know what you’ll find in the wilderness. A simple protective tool in the wild is your camping knife. Apart from providing safety, a camping knife can be a handy tool for cutting down the wood logs for building a campfire. And it can also help with several other tasks such as cutting and chopping your meat.

9. Some Warm Clothes

When packing your camping gear and essentials, keeping your luggage to the minimum is quite important. However, this does not mean that you should skip on clothes. In fact, most of the casualties during camping are associated with a lack of proper clothes. The temperature in the outdoors tends to fall sharply, especially during nights. Keeping some extra warm clothes and specifically, a pair of dry socks can save you and your family from adverse weather conditions.

10. Camping Chairs

Lastly, luxurious addition to your camping trip is a chair. Well, sipping in your morning coffee by the side of warm charcoal from the campfire, nothing could match the feeling. Enjoying the beauty of the nature around you sitting in the comfort of a chair is barely something you can escape from. And chairs also make up a necessary addition for the elders. So, why not carry a camping chair? Unlike the regular chairs, these are specifically made keeping in mind the portability and strength. So, choose a chair that is lightweight, and folds to fit with your other camping gears.

Enjoying a camping trip with the family might not sound like an adventure, but it surely is a fun activity. Plus, you get to spend time with your kids and spouse amidst the serenity of mother nature. On this note, we expect you to find these camping gears useful and enjoy your trip with your family.

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