Take Charge of Your Food Source: Hobbies to Supply Your Own Food

Fishing spinning at sunset. Silhouette of a fisherman

In Canada, almost half of the produce tested by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency contained significant levels of pesticides, according to a report conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The modern standard of purchasing our food from mass production sources has offered us many perks but clean food is not one of them. It’s time that we take control of what goes onto our plates and into our bodies. Here are four fun hobbies you can add to your leisure list to help you live a healthier lifestyle as well as take charge of what fuels your body.


If you have ever checked the packaging information of frozen fish in the supermarket, you may have realized something. It’s really difficult to find fish caught in North America. A large portion is caught in China and shipped over, and a good percentage of fish caught locally comes from fish farms, not fresh, wild sources.

In addition to being a stress-relieving, relaxing hobby, fishing provides you with the opportunity to yield your own protein source from a clean natural body of water. And there is something truly rewarding and intimate about catching, cleaning, and consuming your food source yourself.

To get started, find out your local requirements; many cities require permits and licenses, including state and country-specific boating licenses. This is particularly important for those that travel often, especially if you’re a snowbird who leaves your hometown regularly, so that this hobby can add a new element of fun to your travels. [Read more…]

Sanarus Technologies Creates Brighter Future for Breast Tumor Patients

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the second most common newly diagnosed cancer and second leading cause of cancer death among women in the U.S. Early detection and treatment of a tumor can result in a greater chance of surviving breast cancer, however, the procedures are often painful and time consuming. Knowing this, Sanarus Technologies set out with one mission: to improve the standard of care for breast tumors.

The Sanarus team is committed to women’s health and dedicated to providing an alternative choice to the traditional lumpectomy. They deliver a minimally invasive solution that is completed in an outpatient environment resulting in a procedure that is more effective than surgery, performed at a lower cost, painless and requires zero downtime. In short, the company has changed the way women view the treatment of breast tumors.

Sanarus serves women afflicted with breast tumors with their trailblazing technology known as the Visica 2TM Treatment System. Invented and patented by Sanarus, this low-pressure liquid nitrogen cryotherapy system was the first of its kind available to those with breast tumors. Embraced by doctors everywhere for being both safe and effective, it has been used to treat over 4,000 successful cases to date. [Read more…]

Texas Grandmother Keeps Checking Off Items on Her Bucket List

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.34.28 PMWhen she was 30 years old, aspiring artist Cindy Kent was feeling frustrated that she was not more of a producing artist. She spent more time coloring on huge sheets of newsprint with her three small children than she did focusing on her lifelong dreams, goals and aspirations – things that we now commonly call “a bucket list.”

Kent recalls, “I would sit down and make lists of what I hoped I would someday accomplish. I wanted a studio of my own and to be taken seriously as a working artist. I wanted to have a one-person show. I wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book. I wanted to make a difference in the world.”

“All of these things I wrote down in a journal and for years would go back and look at that list. I whittled away at it in small ways: painted and drew frequently, started a book and illustrations based on the life of my grandfather, delivered Meals on Wheels, taught free summer art classes for kids who couldn’t afford to pay for them and just enjoyed my family.”

“Then I started teaching public high school art, enjoying the sharing of art with students who seemed so hungry for it. Along the way I became interested in sculpture and kept putting it off until I had the perfect studio…that old bucket list. I came to realize that ‘putting on hold’ was really giving in to the fear of failure. So I turned a bedroom in our house (yes, it had carpet and yes, I ruined it) into a clay studio and I was smitten.” [Read more…]

The Checklist for When Your Retire

By Chip Hollingsworth, Founder of Federal Employee Benefits Education Agency

When planning for anything, whether is a new project around the house, packing for a vacation or even a trip to the grocery store, most of us will have multiple lists for each, items to remember to pick up or things to do before we leave. It’s the easiest way to keep everything front and center in our mind and to make sure all our bases are covered. So when it comes to the topic of retirement, one of the most important times to plan, it only makes sense to spend time developing your handy checklist of things you must not forget!

Like any important project the planning has to start early and the checklist must be complete. When thinking about everything that must be considered when planning for retirement it can easily become overwhelming so we have made it one step easier for you. Below are the top 10 things you should have on your retirement checklist. [Read more…]

The Smart Guide to Storing Unusual Items

shutterstock_127166186It is amazing how easy it is to accumulate stuff. But when what seemed like a fun pile of projects becomes an overbearing pile of work, it may be time to downsize and store some of those valuables for the future.

As we add on more years, we tend to also add on more belongings. Paperwork too valuable to throw away, a collection we inherited from relatives, gifts from the kids, souvenirs from special trips, and family heirlooms make up just some of the stuff that can eventually overrun our lives.

Many of our keepsakes have monetary valuable, such as a Granddads’ Winchester rifle or the ’57 Cadillac in the garage, while other items have more sentimental value such as parents’ marriage certificates, children’s birth announcements, or the grandkids’ report cards. Whether cash value or intrinsic, all seem important to us and all have their individual storage requirements.

Methods of storage depend on the type of valuables we want to preserve. Uncle Roy’s release papers from WWII for instance, require different storage considerations as those of the hunting rifle and scope under the clothes pile in our closet.

Read on for storage tips for some of the more unusual items. [Read more…]

Chef Shehu Fitzgerald Says Give Mom the Gift of Home Cooking this Mother’s Day

IMG_1919Renowned Chef Offers Thoughtful Recipes and Homemade Gift Ideas Made Especially for Her

There are over 85 million mothers in the United States and they work tirelessly to take care of their children, significant others and their extended family. This Mother’s Day, renowned Celebrity Chef Shehu Fitzgerald – featured on ABC’s “The Taste” and The Food Network’s “Chopped”- will help you honor your Mom on her special day with a home-cooked meal she will truly remember.

“I came from a big family, and learned at an early age that my mother truly appreciated the little things being done for her by the people she loves most in the world,” said New York City native Chef Shehu Fitzgerald. “This May 10th, spend some quality time making meaningful Mother’s Day gifts—from a family brunch to homemade presents – to help her feel loved and celebrated.”

Here are creative, yet cost-effective, Mother’s Day gift ideas: [Read more…]

3 Summer Destinations for Active Seniors

shutterstock_130453607-2One of the benefits of being in your later years is the freedom to travel. You don’t have to worry about when you can take days off of work or what your kids will like. Not only is traveling good for your soul, but the Global Coalition on Aging states that traveling, along with other leisure activities, can lower the risk of dementia.

Now, your decision isn’t whether or not to travel, but perhaps, where to go. Consider these three destinations that offer active seniors the chance for a memorable summer vacation:

Sedona, Arizona

Arizona isn’t just a hot, barren desert. While summer temperatures are sizzling in cities like Phoenix and Tucson, Sedona offers a scenic escape from the scorching heat and city life. It is set against a backdrop of fiery red rock canyons, gentle streams and pine forests.

You can find plenty of opportunities to get active as well as to relax. There are more than 100 hiking trails in Sedona, offering everything from easy treks to challenging trails. At Red Rock State Park, the Eagle’s Nest Trail is a 2-mile loop that offers breathtaking panoramic views and the chance to spot birds like great blue herons, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and mourning doves.

[Read more…]